“Rojo” Johnson Makes His Minor League Debut vs the AAA Brewers

Billy Ray “Rojo” Johnson, a Texas native raised in Venezuela, has made a name for himself already. Recently having his prison sentence commuted, he has learned his lesson of smuggling illegal reptiles into the US. Now, he has righted his ship and has been given a second chance (here is a video of his early career) from a baseball organization that also needs a second chance… The Houston Astros. He got his first look at the major league level (well, AAA level) on Thursday May 6th vs the Brewers AAA Affiliate, The Nashville Sounds (what an awful team name… Fear Us!! For we are the Sounds!!).

So how did he perform? You be the judge of it:

That’s right. One pitch to the tune of High Chin Music and he’s outta here…

Ok if your BS alarm hasn’t gone off yet, you should recognize “Rojo” Johnson. He has appeared in such films as AnchorMan and the true story of a man with two last names The Legend Of Ricky Bobby.

Here is the post game interview with “Rojo”.

Will Ferrell was in town raising money for cancer through a local golf outing. And decided to throw in this his typical hijinx along the way. This was a pretty elaborate scheme. They not only had a wikipedia page dedicated to “Rojo” but they also had video clips on youtube of him pitching. They have also announced he will get his very own baseball card in the Topps 2010 series.

Ferrell isn’t the first celebrity to get to play in a minor league game (although his appearance was the funniest by far).

Here are a few other recent and notable appearances by celebrities in baseball organizations:

In a distant second to Ferrell’s prank, in August 2009 Gary Coleman got thrown out the game as the lead off batter for the Madison Mallards for corking his bat (maybe Coleman should be eligible in group D for the Kings of Cork Derby). This appearance is almost as funny as Ferrell’s due to the small stature of Coleman being all up in the umpire’s face. The only down side is that this wasn’t even for a MLB affiliated team, just a Wisconsin small ball team.

In a very distant third, Billy Crystal actually got to play for a MLB team in March 2008, but was released on his 60th birthday. Crystal is a HUGE Yankees fan. And he got the privilege to take an AB in a spring training game. I’m not sure if this was the pitcher’s best stuff or if he was just honoring one of the unwritten rule’s of baseball by treating Crystal as a relief pitcher.

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