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A Limp-off, A Balk-off, And More On Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember, reflect, and thank all of the people who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. So before we go any further, Thank You.

Now let’s remember and reflect on a very busy weekend in baseball. Here are the bullet points to some of the more interesting stories from the extended weekend. Some have major fantasy relevance for those of you that care about that topic.

Kendry Morales‘ Walk-off or Limp-off Grand Slam: Saturday night (May 29) had a baseball moment most young boys dream about and majority have even simulated at their local sandlot. Kendry Morales came to the plate with the bases loaded, 1 out, in the bottom of the 10th of a tie ball game. And on the first pitch, Morales drove one to deep center field and got to do the walk-off home run trot. Walk-off home runs come with all types of celebrations: the classic trot, the “drop it like its hot” bat flip, the stare down, the Brewers jersey un-tucking, or even Prince Fielder‘s “home plate grenade“. Morales simply took his jogged his 4 bases and like most, jumped on home plate in the middle of his waiting teammates’ mosh-pit. However, Morales should have probably taken ballet classes because his spikes gave way on the plate resulting in a broken leg. This is crippling to not only the Angels but to one of the Home Run Derby leaders, Swing and a Mrs. The next night the Angels had another walk-off home run; and let’s just say, they celebrated with a little less enthusiasm.
Check out the video of Morales below. Click here if the video clip won’t play.

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Home Run Derby Standings – May 2010

The Home Run Derby is two months completed and a lot of the same names are near the top, but several have also fed their power withdrawal.

For a long period of time, we had a mother/daughter combo reigning the top of the leader board (Swing and a Mrs & The Ball Busters). But thanks to Prince Albert’s 3 HR performance on Sunday May 29, a third of the teams have made a leap in the standings and disrupted our mother/daughter duo.

Leading after the month of May is Team Bennett with 42 long balls. And that’s with Jason Kubel as their 4th player (6 hr). With the air warming up in the Land of Lakes, Kubel could start sending a lot more balls over the wall.

Second belongs to Kemp for MVP (40 hr) who was in third after April so he is still moving up. He’s also the only team with Matt Kemp on his team. This could either secure or cripple him a victory.

Third is a team mentioned above, Swing and a Mrs (39 hr). One downside with her team, she was the only team to pick Kendry Morales. And if you haven’t seen any highlights lately, Morales hit a walk-off grand slam on Saturday and proceeded to break his leg celebrating at home plate. He will be out at well over the allotted 20 days for a trade, so Swing and a Mrs is giving everyone a 20 day head start for June.

What teams hit the most homers in May? Dirty Needles (36hr) hit 24 followed by Team Bennett, Swing and a Mrs, and Kettle Poppers (35hr) with 22 home runs. If someone had picked Corey Hart, their name would be on this list thanks to his 10 hr in the past 16 games.

For the complete standings, go to the standings page. You now have the option to comment on the standings.

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