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Adam Dunn Leaves Damsel In Distress, Strasburg Loses

Strasburg’s hero… his Superman… his Spiderman… his BATman… missed the bat signal on Wednesday night. Adam Dunn goes 2 for 4 but fails to drive in a Strasburg saving RBI.

OK, I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen every Strasburg pitch, but I’ve made sure I’ve seen at least 1 Strasburg pitch in his first 4 games. I have, however, made sure to watch, gamecast (Thank You Al Gore for the internet), or receive texts (4-INFO is the greatest free mobile alert system available) of every Strasburg inning. If you still don’t think he is the second coming of “The Ryan Express“, you need to double check his remarkable stats. This is the guy who had 14K and 0BB AND 0 fly ball outs in his MLB debut. This is the guy who had 32K in his first 3 major league starts (new MLB record). This is the guy who has only allowed 5BB through 4 games (all in one game). One can argue his opponents have been a bit week (Pit, Clev, Chi Sox, and KC), but to have the command to only walk 5 is remarkable.

However, Strasburg (before tonight’s game) was 2-0 in 3 starts; and most would like to credit his amazing 100mph fastball. Some would like to credit his un-hittable change-up. What I would like to credit it to is his modern day superhero… Adam Dunn.

Let’s do a quick offensive synopsis of Strasburg’s first 4 major league games:

Game 1: Let’s Be Friends
Strasburg was all the hype the past 2 months of the MLB season and he sold out the Washington ballpark quicker than any other name has before. He was lights out with 14K’s (striking out 8 of the last 9 batters faced), 0 walks, and 0 flyball outs (the most remarkable, I believe). But he still would have gotten the loss if it weren’t for his damsel in distress call to Adam Dunn in the bottom of the 6th. With no one out, one guy on, and trailing by 1 run, Adam Dunn came to the plate. He took his typical mighty cut and connected. Crack! Hello 2-run home run (which I still believe was partially scripted) and the lead for “The S.S Burger”, the National’s Battleship (he has no nickname yet, so I will try to coin mine… it’s either that or the “Ice-Berg”, sinking Titanic teams since 2010). Eventually, the Nationals offense picked up and built a cushion for the rookie phenom. Strasburg would eventually take the win in his Major League Debut with a final score of 5-2.

Game 2: I Need More Help
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