Step Right Up, Buy Your Tickets To See The Pitching Machine

Have you watched the Nationals new machine pitch in its last two starts? If you haven’t seen either or even highlights, then you aren’t worthy to be reading this post. If you have only seen his second but not the first, you missed out on the best show. If you saw the first, you probably have to sleep with the lights on from the nightmares in the night.

During Stephen Strasburg’s second performance, he wasn’t awful by any means. But he didn’t have the 14 K’s and 0 BB like he had the first time. In fact, he had 5 BB but that wasn’t his fault. That fault lies on the Cleveland Indians grounds crew (he’s already demanding respect like a hall of famer… the ego is already larger than the 7000 sq. ft Yankee Stadium’s Hard Rock Cafe). In all seriousness, this kid looks good. When his command is perfect, he is un-hittable. When it’s slightly off, he still looks well above average. His 100 mph fastball compliments his 93 mph hard breaking changeup so well that it makes batters lock-up (Suppan’s fastball barely touches 93 at top speed and everyone can hit that).

I would like to invite everyone to start planning their summers around Strasburg’s starts. In fact, Obama should just go ahead and make every Strasburg start date a new national holiday (the kind of holiday where no one works but still receives pay). I’ve projected out Strasburg’s projected starts for the rest of the season. These dates assume that there will be no rain outs, no rotation changes, and the Nationals won’t mix the rotation up at the 4 day break for the All-star game.

I circled the game I will be attending, so if anyone wants to join me, hit me up.

Strasburg's Projected Start Schedule

Strasburg's Projected Start Schedule

Remember, I am not responsible for any changes to the rotation schedule. These games are my educated guess. So if you purchase round trip air fare to DC and a ticket to the game but the game doesn’t feature Strasburg, I will not be responsible for your refund (This is my disclaimer so I don’t get sued).

You should also be aware that Strasburg, supposedly, has a 105 innings pitched cap for this season. Thus, you can probably take those last 3 games off the schedule unless Washington is making a playoff chase (Based off the following: He’s scheduled to pitch 21 games by the current rotation, and he will most likely pitch 5 or more innings in most games which will put him over the limit).

What really caught my eye on the projected schedule is Strasburg’s projected second half competition. He better get all his wins and shutouts before the All-star break because after he gets to face the Phillies 4 times, Florida 3 times, Arizona twice, and the Brewers, Cardinals, and Mets once. Those are all high output offenses (except for the Phillies this June).

After seeing his schedule, I would like to put out a projection for Strasburg’s final line and all of you can argue with me in the comments section below. So have at it, agree or disagree with this line:

Projected 2010 Line: 103 IP, 139 K, 10-6 Record, 3.79 ERA, 1.26 WHIP

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