Rockie Fans Rejoice… and Brewer Fans

Welcome back baseball.

It was a long, cold winter without you but you have already given the NL West (minus the reigning champions) and Brewer fans something to smile about:

Matt Cain pitches 3 remarkable innings only to have the Brewers rally 6 runs off of their own ex-$42 million, 4 year mistake… Jeff Suppan.

I hope “Soup” makes the Giants big-league roster (preferably as a starter, but most likely as a middle reliever) only for one reason: So I can wear a “Soup Nazi” outfit yelling “No Soup For You” when he enters a game versus the Brewers.

As I said, National League teams Rejoice for the reigning champs are throwing the 2011 season by employing Suppan.

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