A Baseball Revolution… That Is A Dance Dance Baseball Revolution

Have you ever heard your favorite song and just had to stop everything you were doing to jam out and bust a move?

Well, the song that is taking Al Gore’s internet by storm is ‘The Harlem Shake’. It all started with an Army Style video published on February 10th, 2013. And then it went viral and has struck a variety of people… offices, warehouses, fire stations, news rooms. And now it has infiltrated the baseball community.

This isn’t a huge surprise seeing as baseball teams have always provided entertainment in the past for fans sticking through rain delays. But now they are actually taking the time to record and edit their videos. Which allows them be absolutely ridiculous.

Here are some of the few currently trending on the web:

Saint Leo Baseball
Nothing beats a surfer getting cup checked.

SLU Baseball
I didn’t think the luggage in the overhead bins meet the carry-on size limits.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Why do the Dbacks have a canoe paddle at spring training?

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