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A-Rod Collecting Roid Memorabilia Since 2013

What’s this, a Double Feature on Kings of Cork?! Two new posts in one day (you can thank wisdom teeth).

This second post deserves a quick post because there appears to be a new trend in collecting. Most athletes like to collect their own memorabilia of important milestones (first hit, first HR, first win, etc). Some athletes even steal their memorabilia for their own collecting (or possibly selling for quick cash). And then some athletes don’t adjust to the retired scene very well and end up having to sell their memorabilia.

But A-Roid A-Rod is starting a new trend…
collecting steroid allegation documents.

Now this is only a rumor so take it with a grain of salt. There has been no evidence confirming the rumors of Alex Rodriguez purchasing the Biogenesis documents, but this could be a huge blow to A-Rod, the Yankees, and Major League Baseball.

The idea that a player accused of using illegal substances in the MLB can buy the documents or pay off an employee to destroy the documents makes me want to puke (except for the idea that maybe Braun is safe for another year). The game has already been tarnished by the Steroid Era (although I’m sure it will be forgotten just like the Amphetamines Era) and this could ruin any believe of baseball returning as America’s Favorite Past Time. It won’t effect a lot of opinions in the US about baseball among the diehards, but will certainly effect others’ opinions.

We are in a wait and see period similar to the Braun Trials last season. But if I were 1 of the 100’s of players who have been rumored to be part of the Biogenesis report, I would be sending A-Rod some thank you cards, maybe some gifts, maybe some deer antler spray, or maybe some prosthesis extremities or directions to the Fountain of Youth.

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If you live in a world without a National Sports News TV Channel, or a world without a Sports feed on your homepage of the internet (I won’t ask if you have internet for obvious reason), then you probably haven’t heard or seen what could be the biggest MLB bench clearing brawl of the 2013 season.

Here’s a video for those who want to relive the action:

That video unfortunately doesn’t have announcer Vin Scully reading Matt Kemp’s lips… “That’s Fertilizer.” “That’s Fertilizer.” Vin Scully kept saying.

Then after the game, Kemp made sure he got some personal one-on-one time with Quentin in the tunnel.

After hours and hours of non-stop discussion on the brawl, the hottest topic is ‘How long will Quentin be suspended’. Personally, I think he should just get the standard 5-6 games. It isn’t his fault that Greinke is fragile and fractured his collar bone. If he gets more the 5-6 games, I feel that every suspension from here on out should match the extended length regardless if a player gets injured or not. Be ready for a topic that will rival the discussions of the ‘Buster Posey Rule‘.

Since I’m already sick of the topic and discussion, Let’s take a ride back in the Tyme Machine.

  1. April 11, 2013 – MiLB Cubs vs Clearwater – Only a day before the Greinke-Quentin incident above, the Cubs minor league affiliate had an incident of their own. Jorge Soler, the Cuban defector which is the Cubs, was sliding into second and the infielder covering the base landed on him. This started a bench clearing ‘argument’ which ended pretty calmly. Until… Soler grabbed a bat, walked over to the opposing teams dugout, and started waving the bat and yelling at the players. There’s no good video or photo footage but I can just imagine Soler yelling in broken English at the top of the dugout steps.
  2. August 10, 2010 – Cardinals vs Reds – Ever wanted to see a grown man kick another man with metal cleats all over a little Bat tap from Brandon Phillips? Cueto must have been listening to a little too much Carl Douglas’ Kung Fu Fighting that day. There is still bad blood between these teams and their fans to this day (I know several fantasy owners who are Cardinal fans and will not ever own Cueto).
  3. October 11, 2003 – Red Sox vs Yankees – Or have you ever wanted to see a 32 year old throw a 72 year old to the ground… by his head? Enter Pedro Martinez in an ALCS game. In his defense, he may have though he was gently placing Don Zimmerman to the side so he wouldn’t get hurt and wasn’t sure what the proper procedure was in the US.
  4. August 4, 1993 – White Sox vs Rangers – Or how about the most famous headlock in MLB history? In this corner, a 46 year old Nolan Ryan, and in the other corner, 26 year old Robin Ventura. There was no 6 point pin in this wrestling match, but it still goes down as one of the most memorable brawl in recent years.
  5. May 15, 1912 – Tigers vs Yankees – Lastly, what about a player vs fan brawl? And what if the fan had lost most of his hands from a printing press accident? The no hands issue didn’t stop Ty Cobb from running into the stands and brawling with the fan. And during the fight he responds “I don’t care if he has no feet”. We have all heard the stories of Ty Cobb’s great baseball abilities and his horrible personality. So this incident isn’t surprising in the least.

Do you have a brawl that always comes back to mind when you here of benches clearing in the game? If so, post them below in the comments section.

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