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Second Base Wins Lawsuit vs Jean Segura

We the Jury find the defendant, Jean Segura, guilty of stealing 2B in the 8th inning of a 5-4 win versus the Cubs on April 19, 2013. He will be sentenced to 6-years in Hell Milwaukee manning the SS position.

What happened to deserve such a cruel sentencing?

In the 8th inning of a 1-run game, Jean Segura hit an infield single. He later successfully stole second base, which lead to a Ryan Braun walk. During the next at-bat, Segura attempted to steal third base but left too early and was clearly picked off at third. So he returned to second base only to find Braun standing on the base. Both were tagged and both initially called out.

As Segura returned to the dugout, he was informed that he was not out and only Braun was. So he promptly stepped on the closes base… first base. So after being halfway to third, Segura found himself standing back on first to only attempt to steal second base again. This time however, he was thrown out by Castillo.

As far as I could determine, he could be the only player whom has achieved this feat(?) in his career. Edit: As one of our commenters pointed out below, he is 1 of 7 since 1951, but still possibly the only one to first successfully steal the base then get thrown out stealing it again in the same plate appearance. If he would have successfully stolen second base twice in the same inning, he could not say the same. Back in 1908, Germany Schaefer successfully stole second base twice in the same inning. And he actually stole first base that inning as well. The baseball rule used to be that you could steal a base in reverse if you so desired. So during a game on September 4th, 1908, Schaefer stole second base to draw a throw which would allow his teammate on third base to steal home. However, this did not work according to plan as he drew no throw. So, he stole first base on the next pitch to be able to attempt his plan a second time. On the next pitch, he again attempted to steal second base… But again, he drew no throw and thus successfully re-stole second base.

So Schaefer should be greatful that Segura was caught stealing otherwise Schaefer’s legacy would have ended in 2013.

Wait, who’s Germany Schaefer again?