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Week 12: HR Derby In Review

Pardon the interruption to baseball programming while we bring you some cricket commentary on top of the baseball programming…

Now that you got your laugh for the week, we can get on to what matters. The weekly recap:

  • Jay Bruce is looking like Bruce Wayne these days. He lead all of the majors last week with SEVEN homers. And has ten this month. That’s the Group B performance 10 teams were looking for.
  • Earlier this week, Japan baseball officials publicly announced that they decided to just skip the whole HGH debacle and go straight to juicing the baseballs. That makes Matt Murton’s name (and record) a bit more diluted in the baseball world.
  • Pedro Alvarez has hit a homer in 4 straight games. Only 3 teams gambled on him in Group C this season. But that helps heal all the bruised egos from all of you who picked him as a write-in a few seasons ago. (No I will not backdate these homers to previous seasons).
  • MLB announced the beanball war of 2013 will not occur in 2014, at least not on American turf. That’s right, the 2014 MLB season is going overseas again in 2014. Not to Japan but to the land from down under. Australia will host the boxing rematch between the Dodgers and Diamondbacks on March 22nd and 23rd (I really want to go).
  • Can you believe Chris Davis was a Group E candidate a season ago?!?! Only 1 team thought he could repeat by choosing him in Group C (1 other team traded for him) and that gamble is paying HUGE dividends. He’s leading the majors with 27 (5 this past week) and has 6 more than any other player.
  • (Photo via

    (Photo via

  • Corn Fed Mules and Attention V-Mart Shoppers 14 and 13 spots respectively. Both have Goldy (Paul Goldschmidt) who hit 4 long balls last week and they each had one of the previously mentioned studs, Jay Bruce or Chris Davis. These teams could be in the mix the rest of the season.
  • The biggest loser of week 12 was Baseball King. They managed to fall 18 spots from 17th to 35th thanks to a big fat goose egg. Maybe Alex Rios has fallen back to Earth?
  • And finally, the June leader board and largest jump in the standings belongs to Hosminators. They jumped 23 spots from 61st to 38th thanks to Bruce Almighty and Vote Pedro Alvarez who helped their team hit 12 homers in week 12 and 27 total in the month of June. A repeat performance in week 13 will lock this team up for the crown in June.
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Week 10: HR Derby In Review

There are 10 weeks in the books in the MLB which means that the HR derby is also 40% of the way completed. Let’s take a look at what happened in week 10:

  • The biggest news of the week was that the MLB announced the are on a quest to find a Holy Grail punish anyone and everyone related to PED’s. Even if it means befriending Anthony Bosch. I hope you put your seat belt on for this ride, because it’s going to be a rough one.
  • Yasiel Puig got called up by the Dodgers and instantly everyone seemed to forget that the Dodgers suck. Puig has already hit 4 homers (including a grand slam) and thrown out 4 guys from right field. This guy is Mike Trout 2.0.
  • Yoenis Cespedes and Troy Tulowitzki also belted 4 homers in week 10. I swear I will never forget to put Cespedes in a HR Derby group again. Your welcome to all the teams near the top of the standings.
  • Five HR Derby teams hit 8 homers last week. Those teams were:
    • Hosminators – Even with Eric Hosmer and Jason Heyward, he still managed to hit 8.
    • bocceczars – Just a steady swinging team with no top performers in week 10.
    • The Wilderman – Team’s moto: ‘Get on the backs of Car-go and Fielder’.
    • Ruby In The Rockies – An engagement fueled her team to 8 (Tulo, Fielder, and Salty may have also helped a bit).
    • Attention V-Mart Shoppers – V. Martinez has finally earned the top billing on this team.
  • But teams are starting to settle into positions and no team cracked the 20+ position jump. Hosminators managed to jump 18 spots which brings him closer to the top 2/3 of the standings.
  • Three teams managed to hit a goose egg in week 10, but I held it like an egg took home the most pain by falling 13 spots and out of the top half of the standings.
  • Wilin, Ready, and Able continues to be having a great year. His team leads the derby thanks to Cespedes and he actually got a girl to say ‘yes’ to him (see Ruby in the Rockies comment above). And his fiancee is currently leading the month of June. If they continue to sweep the Derby prizes, I hope they put their winnings towards flying The Commish out to the wedding.

Keep swinging for the fences.

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Wanted: Drugged and Alive

Wait? It’s June?! Isn’t all the PED talk suppose to wait until November-February? How else do we get through the baseball drought trying to avoid football, basketball, and hockey…

Braun and A-rod should have known. You can win a battle but that doesn’t mean you have won the war. And a war is exactly what the MLB office is attempting to win. A war on PED’s. And it’s going to start with a media sh!t storm.

ESPN’s Outside The Lines (the same people who broke the initial Braun case before his appeal) has recently broke news that Tony Bosch, the owner and operator of the Biogenesis clinic in Miami, is going to cooperate with the MLB’s requests.

Some are speculating that he’s trying to save his name from being tarnished by the media. Others believe he is trying to stay only moderately bankrupt and not even deeper in debt by avoiding court costs from the MLB prosecuting him. No one has even mentioned that there may be a cash incentive for him bringing MLB’s two most wanted criminals… so I’ll start that rumor here. He’s doing it for A TON of money.

But really, whether the players on that Biogenesis list are guilty or innocent, how can anyone surmount a case based on hand written pieces of paper or straight from the mouths of the lowest integrity set of business men on the planet. What if a piece of paper was found in someone’s pocket that said ‘I did it’ signed O.J. Would that be enough evidence to change the verdict? What if someone claimed they saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Seattle and not on the grassy knoll that day. Would that be enough evidence to changed the verdict (yes the original was overturned later in that case)?

How is MLB deeming there is enough integrity from these sources with very little proof of anything? I’m not arguing the players are innocent, I just thought there was a saying in the US that ‘you are innocent until proven guilty’ and not ‘you are guilty until proven innocent’.

I don’t want cheaters in the game but maybe they should enforce the basic rules first before trying to accuse people without evidence. Say, the maximum glove size for fielders (which is 12″). Or how about figuring out this replay thing for once by giving more angles and larger tv’s with High-Definition.

And at least one other writer supports the ‘lack of evidence and integrity’ theory.

It’s only day 1 of the stories… and I’m already sick of them.

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Who’s Ready For Some June Cleaver?

What a depressing May… Not only did my beloved Brewers tank worse than the Astros (they won 6 games in May… as many as Miami), but the Midwest got soaked and the plains got blown away. And when The Commish gets depressed, the amount of posts and updates dwindle, and that just depresses all the rest of you home run fans. I tried to cure my depression by buying a party bus, but got outbid.

But cheer up, June Cleaver has arrived and it brought the sun (and my internet speed) back. June also means that weather is heating up and that will lead to the ball flying further (something the guy below wished had happened to him).

And because I’ve deprived you of 3 weeks of Home Run Derby Updates, I will make up for it by posting only 1 update to cover the month of May (yeah, I’m that nice of a guy). And don’t worry if your team name isn’t listed below, just throw on some rally caps and hope for more home runs in June.

HR Derby: What Happened In May

  • There were 6 leaders:
    1. The Commish started in the lead at the beginning of the month and lasted for a week or two before the masses could catch my under performing team.
    2. Per Mar Security Services was the first team to take the most prized possession of the derby… the pride. He got this with the help of Trumbo’s and Goldschmidt’s fast May starts.
    3. Then, Mayer’s Mashers took the reigns for a day or three thanks to Miguel Cabrera (is he even real?) and Hunter Pence.
    4. Ready, Wilin, and Able overtook the lead next thanks again to Miguel but also got help from Encarnacion. For those that don’t know, this team was awful in 2011 and almost went all of April without a HR. My how times have changed, good thing he’s still worse than me at Fantasy Baseball (gotta get my jabs in on the regulars).
    5. The Bottom Feeders are anything but and were in first for maybe a day. Again, another leading team who owns Miguel Cabrera but gained his advantage from Robinson Cano.
    6. Big Deihl’s Bombers is in the current possession of first. He deserves it for starting with Alex Rios in group E and again for picking Cabrera to repeat as home run champion (this was a common theme in the leaders for May).
  • Takin’ it deep had an impressive feat back on May 14th. Every player on his team hit a home run but his total tally for the night wasn’t 5. It was 6. We have seen 6 homers before from a single team but never including every player on the team. Plus, his team jumped 31 places in a single day. Most impressive.
  • 12 Homers for Miguel Cabrera in the month of May. This guy just doesn’t stop hitting. He is well on his way to a second consecutive triple crown and is only behind Chris Davis in HR for the lead in all three categories. To put his 12 homers in perspective, Chris Davis, who is leading with 20 homers, hit 10. And only Trout and Car-go were close to that and they hit 8.
  • 5 players failed to hit a home run in May (that are on HR derby teams and weren’t injured). Those 5 would be Ike Davis (the most popular pick or the 5), Todd Frazier, Justin Morneau, Dexter Folwer, and Jacoby Ellsbury. If you own one of these guys, you may want to send them a letter of encouragement or maybe a tweet of encouragement.

  • Don’t poke a sleeping bear as much fun as it might be. GeezerHawk was sleeping just fine near the bottom of the standings (81st place at the end of April). Then I had to taunt him. And boy did he let me have it. His team hit 36 homers in May which moved him up to 11th place and took home the first place prize in May. This dynasty team just keeps finding home runs and the pay dirt.

I’m hoping to get back on my baseball post horse this month but the sun may also be calling me to make an appearance outside of my cave.

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