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2013 King of Cork Has Been Crowned

With the 2013 MLB regular season in the books, it can only mean one thing. Okay, two things… 1) The Playoffs, and 2) the 2013 Kings of Cork HR Derby has come to an end.

But with the end comes the crowning of our King… Mr. M. Mayer who managed Mayer’s Mashers to a 150 HR season and a 2-HR victory over a 3 other teams tying for the second most home runs. If you read the late September email sent from The Commish, M. Mayer deserves a lot of the credit for this competition. He was the one who introduced me to a different HR Derby league. And when that one was abandoned, I had to start my own to keep the fun going. So thanks Mayer and here is the crown and the first place prize to show our gratitude (I know who is buying all the drinks at Spring Training next year… or gambling on cab races).

Second place belongs to J. Forster who managed Ready, Wilin, Able. Unfortunately, this team lead the competition for most of the final months and seemed invincible. However, my phone started blowing up with texts on Sept 29th… the final day. Their team failed to have a player take an at-bat on the final day of the season and I was hearing about it. If only Encarnacion didn’t take those at-bats from the 13th-15th, Encarnacion could have been trade eligible. The second place prize will hopefully do for an early wedding present for J. Forster and C. Ruby.

Third place goes to Geezerhawk managed by P. Schultz. I actually had the pleasure of meeting the manager of this team in a Casino 90+ miles away from where either of us live. Just by coincidence, we were both there at the same moment with the middle man acquaintance whom knew both of us. What a small world… And once again, Geezerhawk is building an empire in this competition. In the 3 seasons the team has competed, they have now taken home 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. Their 2nd place finish was 1 out away from being a championship but the Evan Longoria home run of 2011 on the last at-bat of the regular season took that trophy away. There’s always next year for Geezerhawk to try and win the title.

Here are the remaining winners of the 2013 prizes:

  • 4th: M. Mangin – The Godfather
  • 5th: J. Haar – Bring the Action
  • 6th: C. Pruitt – Attention V-Mart Shoppers…
  • 7th: Erickson – A. Erickson
  • 8th: Wahoo’s Wallbangers – The Commish
  • 9th: Scott’s jogging shorts – Z. Adams
  • 10th: Big Diehl’s Bombers – B. Diehl
  • Monthly: The Commish (April), P. Schultz (May), B. Poppe (June), Ja. Forster (July/Aug), B. Alfonsi (Sept)

Congratulations to all the winners. And a BIG thanks to ALL the players. I continue to say that it’s because of all of you that I get to run this fun competition. So continue to spread the word and share it with all your friends, family, enemies, it doesn’t matter. I would like to see this competition go over 100 teams next season.

I will also say that check back for posts in the offseason… but, I always say that. And I never find as much time as I would like to write baseball posts. I’ll attempt my best to at least do something this offseason.

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