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Turn Right. Destination Ahead: Unemployment

Maybe Google Maps should manage the Cubs. Because it seems that they know where to put Edwin Jackson more than the Cubs front office does.

On Tuesday March 24, Edwin Jackson went to the wrong baseball stadium prior to his scheduled start. By the time he showed up to the correct stadium, the game was already nearing the 2nd inning. He entered the game immediately without getting to warm up and promptly gave up 8 runs on 9 hits over 1.2 innings. Jackson said Google Maps took him to the wrong stadium and is blaming the program and not the user.

Edwin Jackson signed a $52 million deal in 2013 and is owed $22 million of that over the next two seasons. He has a 5.58 ERA as a Cub and currently holds a 7.59 ERA this spring. I don’t think Google Maps is the one in the wrong Edwin Jackson…

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