HR Derby Entry Form

Please fill out the entire 2020 Home Run Derby Entry Form and hit the submit button at the bottom of the page.
See the rules page for a full explanation of the 2020 Home Run Derby Rules.
Sorry, only one entry per person.

If you already submitted a team but would like to change it prior to the March 24th deadline, please fill out the form on the contact page with your name, team name, and the names of the players you want to change. You can verify your team was received by locating your team name on the 2020 standings page

(This will not be distributed. For contact by 'The Commish' only)
Please choose 1 player from group A
(Click player's name for recent stats)
Please notify me how you intend to pay the derby registration fee of $5.
If mailed, I will send the Kings of Cork mailing address to the email address submitted above.
If Paypal, I will send an invoice for the registration fee plus $1 to cover Paypal fees.
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