Kings of Cork: 2020 Home Run Derby Entry Form

It’s official! I have banned all active Houston Astros and all Astros from the 2017 season from playing in the 2020 Home Run Derby. If the real Commish won’t do anything about the cheating, then this Commish will. That’s right, if you are a member of the Houston Astros, I will NOT accept your 2020 Kings of Cork entry form. You are officially banned from this contest for a full season. But what I won’t do is punish the other contestants of Kings of Cork for your Trash Can Banging. Every other manager will still be able to select Houston Astros from the player groups and collect their 2020 home run totals and use you to collect the coveted Home Run Crown. So continue to use your Code Breaking system, Trash Cans, and buzzing band-aids to hit numerous home runs, they just won’t do you any good in collecting the most elite title in the world, The King/Queen of Cork! (Who am I kidding, the Astros would scoff at our contest. Cheating is earning them seven figures a year…)

Now for the real news…

Kings of Cork is back for another season! Not just ANY season… our 10th season! 10 Years. That’s crazy. I only started this because a couple yahoo of friends wanted to keep being degenerate low value gamblers when our other host shutdown (we don’t do it for the money, we do it for the pride and ego of beating each other). We started with 38 teams and struggled to hit 100 for several years. Now we have consistently been at 100 teams for the past few seasons (even after missing the 2017 season, which I knew was tainted by the Astros…) I wouldn’t keep doing it if it weren’t for you guys/gals. You keep pressuring me and driving me to continue to do it. So thank you. I enjoy doing this as long as you keep playing and nagging me to do it (I got a lot of grief in 2018 when I didn’t run it).

Just like seasons past, prizes and group flights will be determined based on how many teams enter this season. I really wanted to shake things up this season being it’s a milestone of 10 seasons. Maybe with some modified rules or increased prizes, but I keep looking back at the wide variety, group of people I have playing and realize that the simple rules and low stakes is just too hard to walk away from. Being able to remember all the players you selected makes watching sports highlights a little more interesting at night. Having to remember 15-20 player names makes it more like a managing a fantasy roster and having to pull up a list to remember what stats you care about. So let’s keep it simple, at least for another season.

For all those who are returning, rules are basically the same… Pick 5 players. 1 from each group. Hit the most home runs. You win! The only change was that due to the 10day IL change from last season, I decided to move the trade date from 20 consecutive days without a plate appearance to 14 consecutive days. That means the penalty for injured players is not as steep in previous seasons as you will lose only 1/2 a month of Home Run totals before you can trade that player for a new one.

For those that are new, go check out the rules here. They aren’t too complex.

I feel like this season I put 150 MLB player names in a hat and randomly pulled them out into groups. I’m not kidding… Unlike years past where you had the staples at the top: Pujols, Bautista, Braun, Tulo, A-Rod, now I’m not sure I have a group that has more than 5 returning players in it from the 2019 season. It’s kind of interesting to think about why. Basically every player is now capable of hitting 30 homers and maybe one will hit 50… and that single player won’t even be on any list of projected 30 home run players. It’s like every season is 2010 (our first season) when Jose Bautista showed up out of nowhere and hit 53 homers. Now look at him, unemployed and looking to come back as a two-way player. Where will Alonso end up this season? Will he be staying in Group A in 2021 or back to the basement? These are great reminders that this contest isn’t won in Group A… It’s won in Group C through E, but can easily be lost in Group A.

And with that, without further ado, the 2020 Home Run Derby Groups: The Official 2020 Entry Form

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