Kings of Cork Home Run Derby in Quarantine

Stupid Corona Virus!… It’s one thing to make everyone sick, but it’s another thing to steal ALL of our sports. What are we supposed to do during a 2 week quarantine? Sit and talk to our family members… booooorrrrring… This does confirm one thing though, Baseball isn’t for the spectators; it’s definitely for MLB owner profits. If it was for the spectators, we would still have a season that is fully televised but no fans in attendance. Instead, there won’t be enough revenue due to no ticket sales or concession sales, so we can’t have any baseball.

Since there is no baseball, I thought I’d post a small update about our little competition. I’m going to put a halt on accepting payment for any entries for now. With MLB announcing a start date more likely in May and possibly even June, there is no point in starting a competition until an official announcement of a season start date is made. I won’t take down the entry form or the groupings, so if you still want to submit a temporary entry or research player groupings, feel free to do so. I will accept changes to any entries up until the first official MLB game starts. I do reserve the right to change some player groupings now that it’s unknown what player statuses are. Odds are that I will not change the groupings unless something major happens.

Until then, enjoy your quarantine and You can find old game replays or even radio broadcasts from baseball games in the 1930s if you need a baseball fix.

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