Registration Is Open: 2021 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby

It’s Back!!!! Professional Baseball is back!!!

2020 is a year to remember but also forget. I watched maybe a total of 2 baseball games once the season started in July partly due to not being interested in a 60 game season and partly due to picking up the family and moving across state lines.

The issue with taking a year “off” from baseball is that I completely lost track of what players did what and what rookies got called up and what players retired. So after straightening all that out, I have finally developed the Home Run Derby Groups for 2021.

For those that have played in the past, the rules remain the same. So head on over to the entry form page and submit your entry for 2021!

(Note: ESPN changed their format once again, so I will have some work to do to get the standings functioning for 2021 but I’ll make sure they function but it may be limited to a daily refresh instead of a ‘live’ update as home runs are hit. So stay tuned)

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