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Pat Listach Is Not A Lady GaGa Fan

Tonight was a big night in baseball. Ubaldo Jimenez pitched the first no hitter in Rockies history. The Mets and Cards went to the 20th inning before a team waved the white flag and gave the win away. But screw all that sports stuff you can find on ESPN Sportscenter, I try to bring you great baseball stories that you can’t find anywhere else.

I would say that most of you know I’m a die hard Brewers fan. I live or die with each Brewers game (more dieing than living). Most boys growing up start with great sports figures posted on their walls and eventually trade those in for Marilyn Monroe or Cindy Crawford posters. Instead, I kept my Brewers posters plasted on my wall proud to be part of a team that couldn’t break 0.500. And one of those posters was of Pat Listach, the Brewers shortstop of the early nineties winning rookie fo the year in 1992. He was one that I idolized (until he became a Yankee).

I found this video clip of what Pat Listach is currently doing, and first I cried a little for Listach after seeing he was now in the Nationals affiliation that has been giving the Brewers major fits this year. Then I died a little inside when I saw he wasn’t a Lady GaGa fan (come on, everyone is a GaGa fan. Even Cartman from SouthPark sings “Poker Face”). Seeing him shun the Phillies Phanatic is like driving a stake through my heart. I’m not sure what was worse, this or finding out that the Cookie Monster isn’t real. However, the dager to this video is seeing how many people pull out their iPhones to video tape this act… I’m not part of the iPhone cult and really want to be.

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St Louis Cardinals Finally Sign Player to Protect Pujols

The Cards finally went out and made the greatest signing in MLB history. They have the best player currently playing the game in Pujols, but with no protection behind him in the clean-up spot, Pujols most of the time gets pitched around and walks to first. They tried Holliday, Molina, Ankiel, Ludwick, but none of the Cardinals 4-hole batters could scare opposing pitchers enough to pitch to Pujols… Until now.

Introducing the newest St Louis Cardinal… Ghostrunner. GhostRunner That’s right, Pujols can now get the protection he needs in the line-up because batting behind him… is Pujols. Since Pujols is on-base 90 percent of the time, Ghostrunner gets to take his spot on the base paths while Pujols gets to swing the bat again. Ghostrunner is also a menace on the base pathes. He only advances when forced and the majority of the umpires can never get a good angle on the play to call Ghostrunner out.

This is a monumental move and will allow the Cards to dominate the majors until Ghostrunner’s younger brother, PitchersHand, signs as a starting pitcher. Current frontrunner’s in the PitchersHand signing are the Brewers and Cubs.

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