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Six Years And Counting

I’m happy to announce that the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby is back for the 6th straight year. And it’s amazing to me to look back and see where we came from. What started as a close family/friendly wager with less than 40 people has turned into almost 100 people from all over the US and even a few from around the world. I like to think that everyone keeps coming back for the low cost fun, the easy to understand rules, and the camaraderie.

So with that, I’m pleased to announce that the 2015 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby player groups have been released and the competition’s registration is officially open. Feel free to to submit an entry at anytime over the next several weeks as the registration will remain open until March 29th at Midnight. If you submit your entry early and want to change it, that is completely acceptable. Just drop me an email with what you want to change.

The reason I like to publish the groups and entry form so early are for those die hard fans that like to travel down south and watch their favorite players during Spring Training. It allows them to maybe bribe their team’s players or simply scout their team’s players. So don’t feel rushed that you have to submit your entry today because I will send plenty of reminders via email over the next month (you will receive the emails as long as you are a previous participant or on the email list).

Thanks for checking in and thanks to the returning players. Enjoy the soon to be coming Spring weather which also brings the return of baseball.

HR Derby – August Trades

So because I’ve been nonexistent the past few weeks, I thought I’d give everyone an update of trades made in the home run derby this past month. So no rants or weird links, let’s just dive right in:

  • Cowhide Joyride July 31 – Will Middlebrooks traded for Jose Abreu (only after hanging on to Middlebrooks for 2 months too long)
  • Chicks Dig The Long Ball Aug 8 – Wil Myers traded for Javier Baez (and let the trades start for Baez)
  • Hangovers Happen Aug 14 – Ryan Zimmerman traded for Anthony Rizzo (Rizzo also might be the first player in HR derby to have -1 HR in a day)
  • Kettle Poppers Aug 21 – Goldschmidt traded for Giancarlo Stanton (This may be what catapults him back into first place in September)
  • …but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis Aug 21 – Goldschmidt traded for Giancarlo Stanton
  • Philly Phanatic Aug 21 – Goldschmidt traded for Giancarlo Stanton (common trend on Aug 21)
  • Little Stinky Aug 22 – Allen Craig traded for Javier Baez
  • Team Biogenesis Aug 22 – Eric Hosmer traded for Javier Baez
  • Bucky Ballers Aug 22 – Allen Craig traded for Oswaldo Arcia (which I immediately gave him crap about and that day Arcia hit a HR)
  • Break Even Aug 23 – Allen Craig traded for Josh Donaldson

The Long Overdue August Post

Hey look at that, I found some spare time to share random baseball thoughts and ramblings with other people.

First thing obviously comes first… the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby. It’s still a two horse race but one is starting to pull away thanks to… Chris Carter?! Why is that guy always a surprise in this thing? He has lead numerous teams in the past to some type of glory in the Derby (usually top-10) but no one gives him any credit. Well, The Big Stinky is the team that is capitalizing this season. Their team is stacked too. They have correctly picked the best player in 3 out of 5 categories (Cruz, Carter, and Abreu). The other impressive quality about this team is that The Big Stinky was the first team to ever stumble on to our competition via the World Wide Webs with no ties back to The Commish at all. They fully trusted mailing a random guy $5 in snail mail waiting for it to pay some dividends. Well in their fourth year in the derby, they just may get a return on their investment big enough to play ‘free’ for the next 30 seasons (assuming no inflation on the registration dues).

However, they have Paul Goldschmidt, who we all know is out for a while with a broken hand, AND they already used their trade on a guy that was supposed to be out for the season but has returned early and already hit some home runs (Avisail Garcia). That gives an opening for the team that has been leading most of the way, Kettle Poppers. Their team is also leading my fantasy baseball league, which would be a very impressive double win in the same season if they can pull off a victory in the HR Derby and maintain their lead in fantasy baseball. They also have Goldy but still can use a trade (now that Goldy is trade eligible).

And don’t forget we are still playing for monthly winners. The Big Stinky is currently in 2nd place for August with 18 and half of them are from Chris Carter. The only team currently in front of them is Mauer Power. Thank you Carlos Gomez (6HR), J-Upton (5HR), and company. There are still 10 days left so there are plenty of games left before the August King (Queen) is crowned.

I mentioned Fantasy Baseball earlier and I’d like to come back to that topic. Even though it’s August and football preseason games are starting… IT’S STILL BASEBALL SEASON. Just in case anyone forgot. Why is it that every one forgets about baseball during the playoff push and playoffs because football has started? I don’t understand why there is more draw to football over baseball. I always like to blame that it’s for the lazy fan. The one that just wants to be able to tune in to their team for a single day for a few hours a week. But there has to be something more and I can’t place my finger on it.

But back to Fantasy Baseball. Fantasy Baseball is for the diehards, fantasy football is for the weak/lazy. Yes at times I am completely consumed and overwhelmed trying to manage 2 baseball teams consistently over 180 days. But it’s intense, fun, and most players in fantasy baseball are very passionate about the game (and you have to be, the game lasts FOREVER). What I think draws me towards baseball is all the various strategies, trade possibilities, injuries, off days, scoring categories, player statistics, and the diehards. It’s a game that involves a high level of thinking and predicting outcomes based on hundreds of statistics. You will sit there and contemplate starting a pitcher when you know that it’s against the Cardinals at home where they always destroy starting pitchers. But you need K’s and Wins, so you have to start him only to watch him give up those 10 runs in 4 innings. Or if you benched him, he throws a complete game shutout. But then there are the trades… its such a long season and players are so volatile that you see trades proposed or accepted that you would have never thought possible. Trades that sound completely lopsided in real life actually mean something in a 180 day season (really, who trades Billy Hamilton for King Felix… someone desperate for steals is who).

Every year I rant about this, but baseball is superior to football in both real life and fantasy… or at least it should be during the last few weeks of the MLB season when the NFL is just beginning its season. Rant over.

The King Of June: Keeping Up With The Joneses

Well we are 2 days into July and everyone East of the Rockies seems to be floating including the Kings of Cork headquarters. Hopefully the spring rains and severe storms are gone until 2015 and we can focus back on baseball.

Since it is July already, we need to recap what’s happening in the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby. But you will have to wait a little bit longer. However, I will give a sneak peak. Three teams managed to hit 30+ home runs in June which is the exact same number in the months of April and May. Two of them are a father/son duo who are also at the top and bottom of the top-10 list. The son got the better of the month of June (congrats Keeping Up With The Joneses), but the father still leads the whole competition (and 10+ over his son in 10th). And other than second place, no other team is in striking distance at the moment.

A full recap of June will be available soon.

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Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 12 Derby Review

If you still find your team near the bottom of the standings, you may want to look into hiring Bobby Henry, Seminole Medicine Man, like the Tampa Bay Rays did to turn their season around.

I know it seems like I’ve been absent this month, and I’ll agree with you. Sometimes due to my schedule (it’s bachelor party and wedding season ya know), and sometimes due to Mother Nature (it sounded like a bomb went off on my block but it was only my internet providers main junction box). No promises in an increase in posts to read, but I’ll at least try to keep up on weeks in review.

Moving On Up:

    If your team has over 20 homers in June, you probably noticed you are in the top-10 for the month and that you stand a great chance at taking home the third monthly crown. But another observation is that 8 of the top-10 teams in the month of June are also in the top-20 overall standings, which is pretty impressive that the leaders are maintaining such a high pace of home runs. Typically, someone near the middle or bottom of the pack makes a charge each month. But Kettle Poppers finds themselves in a similar situation in June as they found them in May (top-10 for the month) and April (top-5 for the month). This month, they are trying to stop taking home top-10’s and top-5’s and just take home the top spot. They own Abreu and Donaldson whom are the top sluggers in groups D and E (that’s how you win, not with your selections in groups A and B). Not to be outdone, Yeah, and he scrambled the son of a bitch also has 23 home runs this month and also owns Donaldson. But he also owns the recently awakened sleeping giant, Andrew McCutchen (who is not Scottish), and has hit 7 of his 11 total homers in this month alone. There are still 8 days left in the month, so there are still 10-15 teams that have a chance of overtaking the lead from these two teams.

    Claim Crushers

    Claim Crushers

    This last week there were 6 MLB players (that were selected in the HR derby) that hit 3 home runs: Ryan Howard, E-Squared, Adam Jones, Carlos Santana, Trout, and LUUUUUUUCROY. And if you own any one of them, odds are you made some movement to the top of this standings this past week. Only one team managed to jump 20+ spots and that was Claim Crushers jumping 28 places to 37th. Their team ditched the crippled Prince Fielder and added E-Squared on June 5th. This move gave him 3-homers this week and everyone but Freeman (who hit 1) pitched in another 2 homers from his team this past week for a total of 10 homers this week. That double digit HR mark was also the highest in week 12. Another pair of teams that made it into the top-20 this week were the father/son Bombers duo (Darrel’s Bombers and Bronx Bombers). They had 8 and 9 total homeruns in the past week which were 2nd and 3rd best.

Moving On Out:

    The bottom of the standings in the month of June don’t need to be called out (one of them is a previous HR derby winner). Thankfully, every team has at least hit more than 5 homeruns this month but not by much. Only one team managed to drop 20+ spots, Chicks Dig The Long Ball (-21 places to 67th), and they have been playing with 4 players for 20+ days thanks to Wil Myers. Their team did get one ball to leave the yard the last week but one other team couldn’t even accomplish that. Let’s Do Better This Year! owns the only goose egg in week 12 which dropped them to 84th place. They have had a lot of bad luck this season by owning JP Arencibia (who is now in the minors but did get married to a country superstar) and also owning injured Justin Smoak and Car-Go. So their team is really playing with only 3 healthy players at the moment.

Kicked To The Curb – Trades In June:

      Team – Arrango’s Draft Picks
      Owner – The Commish
      Player Dropped – Prince Fielder (June 5th)
      Player Picked Up – Chris Davis

      Team – Let’s Do Better This Year!
      Owner – K. Wilderman
      Player Dropped – JP Arencibia (June 5th)
      Player Picked Up – Carlos Gomez

      Team – Powerbombers
      Owner – K. Schultz
      Player Dropped – JP Arencibia (June 5th)
      Player Picked Up – Jose Abreu

      Team – Claim Crushers
      Owner – B. Mindock
      Player Dropped – Prince Fielder (June 9th)
      Player Picked Up – Edwin Encarnacion

      Team – What’s 5 Bucks?
      Owner – A. Staudinger
      Player Dropped – Prince Fielder (June 10th)
      Player Picked Up – Jose Bautista

      Team – Big City Walk Offs
      Owner – B. Elmquist
      Player Dropped – Wil Myers (June 20th)
      Player Picked Up – Jhonny Peralta

      Team – Because I Win!
      Owner – A. Hakes
      Player Dropped – Bryce Harper (June 21th)
      Player Picked Up – Brandon Moss

    Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 9 Derby Review

    I’ve heard of broken bat singles but never broken bat swinging strikes…

    This is a special installment of ‘Pack Your Bags’ as you get your usually weekly dose but also a monthly recap as an added bonus.
    Moving On Up:

      Month of May:
      The second month is behind us and what a month it was. Someone needs to call 911 in Toronto (or whatever their emergency number is) because E-squared, aka Edwin Encarnacion, is on fire!!! He swatted 16 homers in May including 12 in the last 16 days of the month. Nelson Cruz wasn’t far behind with 13 homers in May. There are only 6 teams that benefited from one of these players and 0 teams that had both. So it’s a pretty safe bet on which teams finished with the most homers in May. Of the 6 teams that chose one of these guys, 5 of them finished in the top-10 of May (the only one to miss out on top-to finished in 11th). And in fact, the top-3 in the month of May have Cruz.
      What started as a Big Stinky vs Cuba Libre swing off, ended with neither of them wearing the crown in May. No they didn’t choke a big lead or stall out, they finished 2nd and 4th, respectively. But instead they were overtaken by a manager that is well past her due date (Upton Girl amazingly has JJ Hardy who has 0 home runs this season but she’s in 5th overall) and by a manager (The something clevers) that scrambled together to hit 4 home runs on the final day of May to take the win in the month. Even more impressive than their last day’s performance in May is the fact that The something clevers was in 90th overall place after April. 90TH!!!! Their team had a total of 9 home runs in the first 30+ days of the season, but then managed to hit 33 in the next 31 days of baseball and jumped all the way to 23rd. A jump of 67 spots. This has me feeling a bit of deja vu from the 2012 season when the team finishing last in April won the whole shebang.
      Who else moved a bunch of spots in May??? The Philly Phanatic jumped almost 59 spots (49) from 65th to the top-20 (16th) with a consistent all-around performance from their team. The last two teams to jump at least 40 spots in the last month were Shin-Soo-Who? and Don’t Plouffe on your Hanley. They both jumped to the top-20 line (21st and 18th) and hit 28 and 26 home runs with also well rounded teams.
      Week 9:
      Want a week 9 recap? Sure you do. I have to acknowledge The something clevers yet again as they may have had the most impressive weekly performance yet. Capped off by that 4-hr last day in May, their team hit 14 homers last week. That catapulted them 43 spots to the top spot in the month and 23rd overall. They almost had double the home runs of the next highest weekly movers. That feat belongs to Little Easy’s who was the next closest to topping 20 spots moved in the week at 19. Their team managed to hit 8 homers led by Rizzo and Cabrera last week. Upton Girl was the only other team to hit double digit homers with 10. There were 5 teams that hit 9 homers and 3 of them already resided in the top-10 (Erickson, Flying Aces, and Kettle Poppers). The other two, Dangling Minnow and Philly Phanatic, now reside in the top-15.

    Moving On Out:

      Month of May:
      Not everyone can be a winner. In order to have winners, we need some losers. And in May there were 3 teams that struggled to get off the bench. LIL R went from almost the very top (2nd overall in April) to falling 40 spots to 42nd overall with only 7 home runs in May. The 7 home run total also earned LIL R the fewest home runs in the month. However, two Brewer fan based teams were the biggest movers in reverse for May. BrewCrew fell 51 spots to 68th place and Nana and Me fell 53 spots to 76th. Both teams had Braun and Gomez, both of whom sat on the disabled list for half the month. One of them had Ugly Uggla and the other has the no-power Cano. Both of those players need to find their power stroke if these two teams wan’t to compete in any of the future months (or they need to hope they get injured).
      Week 9:
      Again I have to highlight a monthly leader in the weekly review. LIL R was one of three teams to lay the golden goose egg for week 9. Suppansticious and one of our previous winners, What’s 5 bucks?, were the other two teams. Unfortunately, both of those teams were already low enough in the overall standings that LIL R also took home the biggest mover award dropping 21 spots. There were 4 other teams that moved more than 15 spots in reverse: Jo Boo Needs ANOTHER Refill (18), Big City Walk Offs (18), HomeRunKings (17), and BeerFlies (16). Probably the biggest disappointment among that group goes to BeerFlies. Their team was contending for the overall lead in the month of May and they managed to only hit 2 homers in the final week which left them barely in the top-20 for the month.

    Kicked to the Curb

      Something new I am going to start reporting about are team trades. They are all captured in the standings but because they all happen behind the scenes via contact from and to The Commish, I figured that everyone might want a weekly recap of who’s cheating trading in their dirty jocks for fresh ones. Now there were no trades this week but get ready for a plethora of transactions in Week 10 because Beltran, Votto, and Fielder are all coming up on their trade date. I will be cashing in Fielder for someone that has a neck in one piece.

    Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 8 Derby Review

    Hopefully everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. Yes, it’s a weekend full of beer, baseball, and burgers. But the real reason for the long weekend is to show thanks and support to all our uniformed Men and Women who have or are or will be serving our country. So Thank You to all of you.

    While, it’s that time again, time for a week’s worth of baseball in 10 minutes.

    Last Tuesday, May 20, a fan at a Boston Red Sox game made a Baseball Bucket List item look ridiculously easy. He’s just sitting on the third base line when a ball just happened to land in his hand that wasn’t holding his popcorn. His reaction was priceless. I can only imagine his thoughts were ‘Hey, check out this large piece of popcorn.”

    Then on Thursday, a minor leaguer broke a record by hitting 5 home runs in 5 consecutive at-bats (over the course of two days). Keep that guy’s name in your memory. He may be a steal in Group E sometime soon in future Home Run Derbies.

    Also on this past Thursday, Danny Worth (who?), the Detroit Tigers back up shortstop, got to pitch an inning in relief. This isn’t anything that abnormal. It’s sometimes common for teams to use position players in blowouts to conserve the team’s bullpen for later games. But what made Worth’s appearance spectacular was that he is a knuckle-baller. And it wasn’t like he was serving up meatballs to the Rangers, he was doing the exact opposite. He logged 2 strikeouts and a lone single in his 1 inning of relief, but his strikeouts made the opposing batters look silly. Leonys Martin didn’t know what to do with that last pitch.

    On Saturday, another foul ball was caught in spectacular fashion, but this time it was a beer vendor and not a fan.

    I just liked how all the fans in that generally vicinity erupted in applause all at once. He enjoyed it so much that I may start tipping my beer vendors with foul balls.

    And lastly on Sunday, the first No-No was thrown in 2014 which means that some lucky fans got to cross off another item off of the Baseball Bucket List. It was accomplished by Josh Beckett of the LA Dodgers. What’s impressive is that Beckett didn’t win a game in all of 2013 and now here he is in 2014 being owed $17 million and looking unbeatable with a sparkling sub-3.00 ERA.

    Time to review last week’s home run totals:
    Moving On Up:

      There were a lot of homers hit this last week. Encarnacion hit an unbelievable 6 in the past week for Group A. George Springer (the Astro’s young phenom, no one owns him in the derby), Nelson Cruz, and Chris Davis hit 4 each. Davis actually hit 3 of his in a single game last week. These players have caused a surge for teams at the bottom of the standings since these weren’t very popular picks in their respective groups.

      Sons of Pitches, Swing and a Mrs., Sweet Swingers, and The something clevers all managed 9 total homers this week thanks to one of the three players listed above. And two of the four teams managed to be some of the biggest movers in week 8. Sons of Pitches was the biggest mover at 30 spots (from 66th to 36th) and Sweet Swingers jumped 22 spots up to 37th. Fo-tastic blasted 8 home runs and moved up 23 spots to 44th thanks to his traded player A-gon hitting 2 last week. Lastly, a pair of brothers also managed to hit 8 homers and jump almost 20 spots each. Freddie’s Smoaking Brown Trout and Don’t Plouffe in your Hanley are in 26th and 25th spots respectively with 36 total home runs. I’m sure they will have a battle royal at home to use as the tie-breaker.

    Moving On Out:

      We had 5 goose eggs this week: Break Even, Home Run Kings, Let’s Do Better This Year!, California Penal League, and West Coast Useless Fools. Three of those five dropped more than 20 spots this last week with California Penal League, West Coast Useless Fools, and Mr Fluffy 3000 dropping 22 spots to the bottom half of the standings. Bucky Ballers and Let’s Do Better This Year! rounded out the worst of the worst dropping 21 and 20 spots, respectively.

    One week won’t kill your chances at wearing the crown at the end of the season. But if one turns into two that turns into eight, you may want to start looking into the 2014/15 football season.

    Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 7 Derby Review

    This is the lightening round for derby reviews:

    Moving On Up:

      The weekly HR tally to beat in week 7 was 8 homers. And three teams completed the feat. Not much to mention about Cuba Libre anymore, except their team continues to dominate the month of May (it’s a two team race right now between them and The Big Stinkey with a few dark horses trailing behind them in the month of May). Flying Aces also successfully hit 8 homers in week 7 but doesn’t have many places to move up, but they squeezed another 3 spots out with last weeks performance. And then there was Please Neglect The Balls, which I think their team successfully achieved last week by belting 8 homers also and making the largest jump in the standings. They were the only team to jump more than 20 spots by going from 63rd to 39th. Big Papi hit half of the 8 home runs for Neglect Balls and that was in only 2 games.

      Other big movers were Don’t Plouffe In Your Hanley and BeerFlies. Both teams hit 7 homers and moved up 19 spots (both moved up to around 35th place). Big Papi lead Don’t Plouffe while BeerFlies just had a strong all around team performance.

    Moving On Out:

      The geese were back laying their big fat goose eggs on the scoreboard in week 7. Four of them to be exact. The proud owners of goose eggs were: I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Ruby in the Rockies, Nana and Me, and BrewCrew. Three of the four teams owned the sober Ryan Braun who just got off the DL. One has a player on the DL but no other Ryan’s to select in group C. And the rest of the four teams’ players just had quiet weeks in the home run column. But quiet weeks in the HR tally usually lead to falling from the standings graces…

      Our biggest loser in week 7 was in fact BrewCrew falling from 24th to 49th (just out of the top 50% of the standings). Nana and Me wasn’t far behind dropping 21 spots from 37th to 58th. And the only other team falling more than 20 spots actually did achieve 1 tally in week 7 but Claim Crusher’s fell from 48th to 68th.

    A little more than 10 days remain in the month of May before our second winner is crowned. With all the injuries floating around this season, I don’t think anyone’s team is technically eliminated yet, so hang in there.

    Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 6 Derby Review

    It’s Deja YU all over again. At least to make him feel better, MLB overturned a score ruling so the No-No was officially broken up in the 7th inning and no longer the 9th inning. It’s still unbelievable that he has already had three close calls with destiny since being in the big leagues only 3 seasons. It’s only a matter of time before he completes one of the two biggest accomplishments for a starting pitcher.

    Moving On Up:

      Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

      Up, Up, Up-ton Away Wins Month of April

      First, congratulations again to Up, Up, Up-ton Away for winning the first month of the HR derby with 31 dingers. We didn’t even need to go to the tie-breaker for crowning them the Kings of April.

      But that was April, and now we are on to May. And our current leader on the 14th day of the Month of May is Cuba AWESOME Libre with 16 round trippers. Mainly thanks to the amazing Abreu and already having 5 home runs this month and his 15 overall makes him the 8th player ever to hit that many in their first 50 games (along the likes of Pujols, Braun, and McGwire). Cespedes and Puig have almost already doubled their total home runs this month as well for Cuba Libre.

      Reviewing Week 6, our biggest mover is Deja Vu from week 3… it’s … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis once again with a 26 spot jump from 55th to 29th. Thanks to 9 total home runs led by Beltre’s and Cespedes’ 3 home runs last week. Close to being the top spot in week 6 was Keeping Up With The Joneses moving 25 spots from 59th to 34th also with 9 total home runs. But their team is riding a waking giant.

      ... but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

      … but when I do, I Profar Dos Equis leads week 6 movers

      Miguel Cabrera had 3 home runs last week along with Adam Jones.

    Moving On Out:

      Congratulations there were no teams with goose eggs in the HR column in week 6. There were 8 teams that managed only a single tally but most of the team names are really, really, really long and I’m too lazy to copy and paste them all in. Ok, just for the point of shaming them in week6, I’ll do it. Dawg Pound, The Bryce is Wright, JoseyWales, Yeah, and he scrambled the son of a bitch, Scott’s Jogging Shorts, I picked all Ryans so I can remember who I have, Cheaters Might Prosper, Sons of Pitches are the guilty parties for forgetting that chicks dig the long ball.

      Two of those eight teams also managed to be our biggest movers to the bottom of the ranks. Sons of Pitches went from 44th to 68th dropping 24 spots. And Cheaters Might Prosper might need to start cheating again because they dropped from 50th to 73rd or 23 spots in the wrong direction.

    On to week 7, and remember… CUBA LIBRE!!!

    Pack Your Bags, It’s Moving Day: Week 4 Derby Review

    Well there’s been a few bullet worthy items in the past week of baseball that I neglected to find time to comment on. So here is the rapid fire:

    1. Jose Abreu belted his league leading 10th home run… and he’s a rookie. He only sits in Group D because of the unknown playing time in February with Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko also available to man firstbase. But he’s definitely proving that he belongs in Group A, so if you have him this year, you won’t get such a great discount in 2015.
    2. The Brewers still remain #1 in the ESPN Power Rankings but that may change this week after Braun clocked Segura in the FACE before injuring himself on a bunt single.
    3. A lot of big names got injured: Bryce Harper, Mark Trumbo, Ryan Braun, Hanley Ramirez, and Chris Davis. Most of these guys are out for a while too, so keep tabs on their trade eligible dates for the Kings of Cork HR Derby.
    4. Brandon Marrow walked 8 batters, gave up 2 runs, and was pulled from his no-hitter (in the middle of the 3rd inning) on this past Saturday.
    5. Oh ya, and on Wednesday Michael Pineda got ejected for pine tar on his neck. He was accused of it in his first start a week earlier. So he either doesn’t understand what ‘subtle amount’ is or Pineda sweats pine tar… which would be the worst superhero power ever.

    The first and third bullet points matter most to the Home Run Derby crew. One being positive for some of the owners, and the other being awful news for most of the owners. So let’s see how the best and the worst fared in this weeks breakdown of the Kings of Cork Standings.

    Moving On Up:

      Meow moves up 47 spots

      Meow moves up 47 spots

      They say the top is lonely, so we will have to ask the owner of team Lil R on how lonely it is at the top because their team pretty much went wire-to-wire in the month of April. There are a few days left with about 4 teams to rival Lil R, but you are probably looking at the first winner of 2014 in the Kings of Cork HomeRun Derby. Even if it’s lonely, I bet it feels pretty good.

      Our biggest movers of week 4 belong to teams Meow and Crash Davis. Both of them moved up over 40 spots in the standings by belting 12 and 10 homers, respectively. And both of them can thank Jose Abreu (mentioned above) for half or almost half of the teams weekly home runs. Yes, Abreu hit 5 last week. Meow got even more help from Khris Davis (yes, with a ‘K’) and McCutchen with each of them contributing 3 in week 4. Not to be outdone, Crash Davis got 3 of their own from swing-and-miss Chris Carter.

      Again, there are some teams that are just ‘too good’ to be able to climb 40 spots in the standings but still require a shout out. The Big Stinkey (moved up 32) also hit 12 homers this past week, Mad about Abreu hit 11 homers and moved up 29, and long time player Kettle Poppers hit 11 homers resulting in a jump of 19 spots. What did they all have in common? Yep, Abreu again. And after another big start to week 5, they are all inside the top-15.

    Moving On Out:

      Dawg Pound Loses 33 spots in week 4

      In with the good, out with the bad. Thankfully, no one laid a goose egg this week. But we did have 5 teams manage only a single tick on their home run totals: Lutherdad, The Little Stinkey, Golden Trouts, A little bit of baseball by my side, and Dawg Pound. Most of these teams didn’t have any significant injuries in week 4 to minimize their AB potential. But most of them now do with Harper looking at surgery in the up coming weeks. The biggest movers in the wrong direction were Dawg Pound losing 33 spots and A little bit of baseball losing 31 spots.

    Don’t worry guys, April is almost over so you can’t lose too many more spots in the month and then everyone starts fresh for the month of May competition.

    Good luck to the contenders in the month of April. And remember, the 2012 derby was won by the team that finished last in the month of April that season. So no team can be counted out yet.

    See ya in May.