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It Could Be, It Might Be… It Is, A Home Run!

(If this clip doesn’t look familiar, I expect you to go to MLB.com and watch one of the greatest moments in baseball history)

With the first pitch of the season looming in the near future, its time for us to start thinking about home runs. After all, that is what this website was created for in the first place.

Opening day is on a Thursday for the first time since the 1970’s (no, I cannot remember that one) and we are blessed with five games versus the typical one game for opening day. Most of us are Brewers, Cardinals, and Cubs fans and two-thirds of us get to enjoy a game on Thursday (sorry Cubs fans).

The Braves at the Nationals and Tigers at the Yankees are the two early games on opening day and, most likely, a home run will be hit (Yankee stadium is a launching pad) in one of these games.
So what I really want to know is who do YOU think will hit the first home run of 2011:
[poll id=”4″]

Don’t agree with any of the choices? Tell me who you think will mash the first home run in the comments section below.

Well everyone was wrong (maybe the ‘other’ was right but they didn’t say who they thought it would be)… Jason Heyward for the second time in his TWO year career, hit a Homer in his first At Bat of the season. His was the first of 2011 by hitting it in the second inning off of Livan Hernandez.

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Casey At The Bat

Photo Courtesy of AP

I’m Brewer biased, it’s true.
I really love that yellow and blue.
A championship the Brewer’s have not seen.
But that doesn’t mean Mcgehee can’t hit thirteen… straight hits to set a new MLB record.

I knew I should have become a poet. I won’t quit my day job just yet though.

Casey McGehee has evolved into a baseball monster. A former 10th round pick by the Cubs, he is 28 yrs of age and in 2 full seasons in the Bigs, he has posted very similar numbers (although 2009 was amazing). He is currently in the top 25 in RBI’s and is batting 0.279 with 18 HR. For a guy who was suppose to be a one hit wonder, he currently is a 9 hit straight wonder.

You read that correctly, he currently has 9 straight hits. His streak of hits started with a double in his last at-bat on August 10th against the Diamondbacks. On August 11th, he went 4-4 with a HR in game 2 vs the D-Backs (the D-backs one up’d him by going back-to-back-to-back-to-back of Dave Bush). On August 12th, he went 4-4 again with a HR in the final game vs the D-back. And here he sits with nine straight hits, only 3 off the major league record of 12 set by Pinky Higgins in 1938 and matched by Walt Dropo in 1952.

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Another King Of Cork: Pete Rose

I’m not going to even type a long post about this topic. You can find a great article on it here at Deadspin.
I also think this story has influenced the owner of Rose’s bat used for the historic hits record to be put up for auction. Dude is going to make a fortune on it now.

I don’t want to spoil anyone’s boy hood dreams or heroes based on Pete Rose (I hope he did that himself after being caught gambling).

So to see the spoiler, click the jump below.

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The Doc Gets A Fishing Pole For His Perfect Game

So what gift does one get for accomplishing one of the most rare baseball feats as a pitcher…

But you are the 20th MLB pitcher, Mr. Roy “Doc” Halladay to not allow a single opponent in a single game to stand on first base, so what should you get (besides the $15.75 million you are promised for this season).

None of that does it for you? I give up. Here just have a fishing pole… What that’s all you wanted.
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Griffey Jr Decides To Join The Permanent DL

Ken Griffey Jr one of the greatest baseball players of the past two decades (if not the era) has decided to pull the chord on his MLB career. Many of you may not care, but I can remember playing Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball for Sega (not saturn) as the Seattle Mariners. I mean their lineup was stacked: Griffey Jr, Tino and Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, and A-rod. Griffey always came through in the clutch for me.

Anyways, Griffey has announced his retirement at the young age of 40. He was having a horrific season; batting 0.184 with 7RBI and 0HR in 98AB. And being convicted of sleeping while on the job. But let’s take a look at what he has accomplished:

  • 10 Gold Gloves: Only one other 500+HR player has more and that’s Willie Mays
  • 1997 AL MVP
  • 13 All-Star Games: Winning 3 HR Derbys and the 1992 All-star MVP
  • 7 Silver Slugger Awards
  • 630 career HR

Let’s talk about that last stat. That makes Griffey 5th all-time (only behind Bonds, Hank, Babe, and Mays). BUT Griffey has been plagued by numerous injury bugs.

Let’s play a bit of a hypothetical game:

  • If Griffey had as many AB as Hank Aaron (Griffey had 2500 less), Griffey would have hit about 795 HR, more than Bonds’ record
  • If Griffey had as many AB as Barry Bonds and Griffey’s HR pace this year kept up, Griffey would have hit about 630 HR. Griffey only had 46 less AB than Bonds. But he also has not been convicted with the asterisk

Let’s face it, Griffey Jr was great… but if he had been healthy, he would have been the greatest. So let’s say “So Long” to the greatest HR stroke. Now we have to watch Kevin Youkilis’ beautiful swing.

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A’s Press Conference: “Buck, Buck…. Oh Buck”

John Buck’s stat line going into Thursday night (April 29) looked something like this:

Runs HR RBI  Avg

That was until tonight.

Thats right, he didn’t hit just 1, or 2, but 3 round trippers. The first catcher to do it since Victor Martinez did it back in July 2004 (Ya I know, that was sooo long ago).

Three home runs in one game, however, is NOT the MLB record for most home runs in one game. And I take it upon myself that everyone in this Home Run Derby league must know what and who holds the MLB record.

So what is the record… well Buck was close, it’s 4. AND 15 Major League players have done it.

Date Player Team Opposing team
May 30, 1894 Bobby Lowe NL Boston Beaneaters Cincinnati Reds
July 13, 1896 Ed Delahanty NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Colts
June 3, 1932 Lou Gehrig AL New York Yankees Philadelphia Athletics
July 10, 1936 Chuck Klein NL Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates
July 18, 1948 Pat Seerey AL Chicago White Sox Philadelphia Athletics
August 31, 1950 Gil Hodges NL Brooklyn Dodgers Boston Braves
July 31, 1954 Joe Adcock NL Milwaukee Braves Brooklyn Dodgers
June 10, 1959 Rocky Colavito AL Cleveland Indians Baltimore Orioles
April 30, 1961 Willie Mays NL San Francisco Giants Milwaukee Braves
April 17, 1976 Mike Schmidt NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs
July 6, 1986 Bob Horner NL Atlanta Braves Montreal Expos
September 7, 1993 Mark Whiten NL St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds
May 2, 2002 Mike Cameron AL Seattle Mariners Chicago White Sox
May 23, 2002 Shawn Green NL Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers
September 25, 2003 Carlos Delgado AL Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Devil Rays

One thing that I noticed on this list… The majority of the players are from the National League. And there is a rumor that the National League is weaker offensively than the American League. I beg to differ, but I won’t argue this point, yet.

So who will be the first player in history to hit 5 home runs in one game?

I really hope its Billy Butler for the sake of my Home Run Derby Team.

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Fantasy News: Book Value

The first guest posting: From “The Changeup Artist”

I bet everyone reading this had a baseball card collection. If you didn’t have one, you knew someone who did. We all had our favorites, those cards that you loved that nobody else loved; those cards with the bent corners that you saved your dimes to buy; those cards that you put in plastic sleeves and locked away for when you were 50.

Fantasy baseball teams are no different than your old card collection. You collect guys hoping your collection is the most valuable. It isn’t about looks – twenty Dwight Gooden rookie cards won’t help you win the best collection. In fact, to get the best collection you need to beg, borrow, steal, trade, and scrounge guys onto your roster. This week, I offer you guys to save from a burning building, to hold on in your lock box, to make a complete set, and to use on your dart board.

Run Back into the Flames for that Card!

Example: 1909 Honus Wagner could buy you one of these for 1.5 million, 1933 Babe Ruth ($150K), and 1933 Mickey Mantle ($100K)

After saving the wife, children, dog, cat, and Brewer hat, go back in for these guys. They could at least buy you a new house. Who could buy you a new team in fantasy if yours burned down in May? The question is really how many good players someone would pay for a great player. You don’t have to wait for production with these cards: they pay now! Albert Pujols is obvious. The guy kills the ball (7 Homers, 18 RBI) and is on a great team. I would run back in for Miguel Cabrera, too. His 24 RBI leads the majors and he isn’t slowing down. Maybe gaining weight but not slowing down.
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