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Six Years And Counting

I’m happy to announce that the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby is back for the 6th straight year. And it’s amazing to me to look back and see where we came from. What started as a close family/friendly wager with less than 40 people has turned into almost 100 people from all over the US and even a few from around the world. I like to think that everyone keeps coming back for the low cost fun, the easy to understand rules, and the camaraderie.

So with that, I’m pleased to announce that the 2015 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby player groups have been released and the competition’s registration is officially open. Feel free to to submit an entry at anytime over the next several weeks as the registration will remain open until March 29th at Midnight. If you submit your entry early and want to change it, that is completely acceptable. Just drop me an email with what you want to change.

The reason I like to publish the groups and entry form so early are for those die hard fans that like to travel down south and watch their favorite players during Spring Training. It allows them to maybe bribe their team’s players or simply scout their team’s players. So don’t feel rushed that you have to submit your entry today because I will send plenty of reminders via email over the next month (you will receive the emails as long as you are a previous participant or on the email list).

Thanks for checking in and thanks to the returning players. Enjoy the soon to be coming Spring weather which also brings the return of baseball.

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2014 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby Open For Business

You may have noticed that there haven’t been a lot of updates on the surface, but underneath the site has been going through some updates and prototype changes. I’m hoping to roll out some big updates by the beginning of the season. I’ll let my test group decide if the prototypes are worthy of publishing, but for the rest of you, you will just have to wait and see.

But now for the best news this off-season for non-Yankee and non-Mariner fans, the 2014 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby is open for entry submissions. This is the quinquennial anniversary (5th year) of the website and our HR derby contest. And most of the original 38 participants are still involved. So if you are familiar with the contest, simply go to the Entry Form link above and submit your team of 5 (there were no rule changes from the 2013 rules). If you aren’t familiar with the competition, please head over to the Rules page to better understand the contest and then head back to the Entry Form and submit your official team.

Remember, this friendly competition is open to anyone who can find the entry form. I don’t advertise the competition to many people (because most of my resources are already involved in the competition), so it’s up to you to spread the word to anyone interested in making the baseball season a little more interesting and personal. So go out and invite your friends, families, and enemies and let’s try to top 100 contestants this season.

Now that the business end of this post is complete. Let’s talk about some of the more interesting off-season baseball related items.

I’m sure you have heard of this Tanaka guy. No, not Taka Tanaka from Major League II. Although I hope their personalities are the same because the Yankees could use some individualism. Masahiro Tanaka is just the latest piece of the “evil empire’s” over-spending to buy a non-championship team. It will be interesting to see how his talents from Japan translate over to the launching pad in NY. Over the last 3 seasons in Japan, he pitched 600 innings, recorded just under 600 k’s, had an ERA of 1.44, and a record of 53-9 (including a 24-0 record last season). There is no doubt he is talented but competing against the hard hitting AL East will be quite different than the Matt Murtons of Japan.

And really, the Yankees need to send a thank you card to A-Rod for saving them millions of dollars to be able to afford Tanaka’s first season salary. I’m sure everyone is sick of the A-Rod Circus but the good news is that this week he finally dropped his lawsuit against the MLB and Players Association. So it seems like the circus has left town for the time being, but it still doesn’t eliminate his reputation and past comments. My favorite being when A-Rod said, “I think that in the year 2014, the league could have done me a favor because I’ve played 20 years without a timeout.” You know, because we all get a year off from time-to-time in our working careers to spend our millions of dollars. I’m really hoping that A-Rod agrees to one of the independent league offers because he would at least help build a baseball fan base in towns nowhere near an MLB franchise. He owes at least that to the sport that made him rich and famous.

Enough Yankee talk, how about some more exciting and inspiring short baseball documentaries. I stumbled across these on the ESPN site a few months ago and have been storing them away for miserable weather. Well now that the Midwest is about to see frigid temperatures near -20 this week, it seems like the perfect time to unleash them.

  1. The first short 30-for-30 film I found interesting is titled ‘The Schedule Makers’. This 12-minute short covers the lives of a husband and wife duo who managed the MLB schedule for 25 years by fighting off technology and larger corporations. This just blows my mind that a couple living outside of the busy city life would just sit down and develop the complicated MLB schedule for more than 26 teams that each needed to play 162 games in about 180 days. Talk about an expert level Sudoku puzzle.
  2. Second on my list of short videos is titled ‘Tommy and Frank’. What’s great about this video is the history behind the doctor, Frank Jobe, who invented the Tommy John procedure in 1974 saving Tommy John’s MLB career. Why it got named Tommy John versus the Frank Jobe procedure is still unknown but the story behind the two men’s friendship is incredible.
  3. Lastly is the short video about the Holy Grail of baseball cards, the T206 Honus Wagner. This card sold to Wayne Gretzky at auction for over $451,000 after all the final fees. This is the rarest card in the history of card collecting and this particular card was in mint condition. But what makes the story interesting is the controversy of how the card may have became mint. Were the edges cut? Was the card artificially re-colored? How could a card produced in 1909 be so perfect?

Another interesting piece of baseball news this off-season is my opportunity to participate in the MLB Hall of Fame voting. Yes, this responsibility is typically delegated to a select few that were involved with the game whether it was managing, playing, or reporting. But this season, Deadspin attempted to purchase a ballot to allow the public to fill out and submit. When all their attempts fell through, there was still a single man that agreed to give his ballot to Deadspin’s readers. And I was fortunate enough to stumble upon the ballot and cast my opinion. The readers of Deadspin chose to vote for the maximum allowed which were Bagwell, Biggio, Bonds, Clemens, Glavine, Maddux, Martinez, Piazza, Schilling, and Frank Thomas. Once word got out to the BBWAA, some (maybe most) of the organization was appalled that a voter would give away his ballot (Lebetard did not sell it in the end to Deadspin). But they wonder why. The Hall of Fame voting is such a joke that no name ever mentioned in the same breath as Steroids will ever be voted in with this generation of voters. Heck, these voters can’t even unanimously decide that Greg Maddux isn’t a Hall of Famer… that right there is a joke and should be the slap to the face the BBWAA needs to change their voting policy. Not Deadspin acquiring a vote for the public.

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Vote Matt Kemp For Prom King

Really? Really?! Are baseball ‘fans’ really back in high school? Where popularity contests decide every outcome important to a hormone raging teenage girl.

Did baseball fans, once again, get too much authority and go on a power trip? I think so.

Folks, lets meet our National League All-Star Game starting outfielders: Carlos Beltran, Melky Cabrera, and Matt Kemp. (See the rest of the players voted in by the fans here)

Ok, let’s play our favorite Sesame Street game: Which one isn’t like the others? Cue the music and the timer… Ready?! GO!

Time’s up. The answer is Matt Kemp.

Don;t get me wrong. Matt Kemp is an outstanding and phenomenal ball player. With the numbers he was putting up in the first two months of the season, he was on his way to another MVP caliber season (we will revisit that MVP word later).

BUT Matt Kemp has played in 1 game since May 13th. ONE… and he doesn’t plan on playing until after the All-Star game (but he will attempt to hit homers in the HR Derby).

Him getting voted into the starting lineup of the All-Star game is like hiring a plumber who has to borrow your tools. It’s like crapping in a toilet that doesn’t flush. It’s like wiping before you poop… it just doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes shit happens. Sometimes a player lands on the DL just prior to the All-Star Game or just prior to the conclusion of the All-Star election. But a player making the starting lineup who has only played in One Game since May 13 is just ludicrous.

My assumption is that the casual baseball fans saw the name “Matt Kemp” on a ballot. That name triggered their frontal lobe which corresponded to the memory of the numbers Matt Kemp put up in the first month of 2012. Or the numbers Matt Kemp put up in 2011when he was ‘snubbed’ his MVP trophy by a steroid using Ryan Braun.

The results of the All-Star vote further cements the idea that most of baseball believes Ryan Braun is guilty of using steroids. Despite the fact that Ryan Braun is on pace to put up even better numbers than his 2011 MVP campaign where he had protection from the bigger pair of pants bat owned by Prince Fielder.

Or maybe this is the fans’ way of disputing the 2011 MVP results where many believed Matt Kemp was more deserving of the award. Even though the Dodgers failed to make the playoffs. Even though Braun’s Brewers made it the furthest run into the playoffs than the organization has gone in 20 prior seasons. To me, that is an MVP. A player who leads a winning team. Not a player who leads a losing team. Not a player who argues with management or owners.

I enjoy the idea that fans get to vote to acknowledge and award the best players in each league. But abusing this privilege will just lead to baseball communism where the league will choose the privileged players (just see what happened with ESPN’s best MLB stadium vote).

Maybe it’s time to give the power to the baseball experts. Maybe in order to reach the All-Star game a player must be voted in by baseball analysts (hopefully I would qualify). Or maybe the power should be given directly to the players. They would have enough common sense and knowledge to vote in the most deserving players. It would remind me of little league where your team voted which players should go to the little league All-Star game.

The 2012 All-Star Game isn’t the first time this has happened. It happens every season. Maybe this Brewer fan is more frustrated this season because Ryan Braun got snubbed from the starting lineup by the fans that have turned their backs on what will someday be one of baseball’s greats. But other fans should be upset too (Anyone a Rockies fan… CarGo got snubbed by the fans and many others didn’t deserve the starting spot above other players).

So I beg of you so-called baseball ‘fans’, don’t take one of our greatest benefits of being a fan away. Don’t crap in a toilet that doesn’t flush. In the future, vote for players that aren’t on the DL.

Thanks for this consideration.

The Kings of Cork Commish

Kings of Cork Visits Dr. Andrews

Just a friendly heads-up that the site will be going through a Tommy John surgery this weekend and may be experiencing some technical difficulties over the next few days. We are updating our servers to enhance the site’s experience and it may cause you to not find or distort certain pages.

Think of the next few days as a rehab stint. It shouldn’t last nearly as long as the usual Tommy John rehab stint (Strasburg should be back in August/September). Hopefully, the site doesn’t turn out to be a Justin Morneau.

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May Ends Much Like It Began: Derby Month In Review

I thought the saying went “April Showers Bring May Flowers”… But May definitely brought the rainouts; and Jay Bruce was the one making it rain. This is the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby month of May in review.

With two months in the books, the top of the leader board doesn’t look a whole lot different than a month ago, but there definitely has been some mix ups in the middle. There are three of the top five teams from April still in the top five. Of those three, the top two have only switched places. I believe Big Poppe Pill Poppers took the lead from The Geez on May 1st and hasn’t looked back (I did make the comment that that team was the team to beat). But I can’t give credit where credit isn’t due… the top-10 teams have one thing in common and should send thank you cards to one player. No, the top-10 did not choose 1 player in common, but what they did do was to not choose one player in common. Not a single team in the top-10 chose Albert Pujols. Yes, Albert went on a 100 At-bat power hiatus in the month of May and the 33 teams who did not take him are thanking him for keeping their teams in the running for the King of Cork title (Aubrey Huff hit more home runs on June 2 than Pujols hit the entire month of May).

It is still impressive to have the same top two teams in only the second month of the Derby. Usually, there is a lot of swapping atop the standings early on in the Derby. So here’s a healthy slap on the rear to Big Poppe Pill Poppers and The Geez. The third place team, Kettle Poppers, gets to thank Bruce Almighty for propelling his team up the standings (Bruce hit 12 long balls in May, the most by any player chosen in the derby). And the Devil Dogs is hanging on to Joey Bats’ 11 dingers in May, which was almost half of the Devil Dogs total May HR count. We call the rest of that team a Jansport (because Bautista is carrying the rest of the HR Derby team on his back).

The other big winners in May were, yours truly, Cream City’s Murderer’s Row and Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby. The Commish’s team was the only team to hit more homers than the Pill Poppers with 36 home runs (with the team’s Group E player out two-thirds the month of May). This has money laundering written all over it. Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby still hasn’t topped 50th place. BUT… that team deserves a round of applause for increasing the team’s home run total by nearly 700-percent by hitting 26 home runs in May (third most in the month). The standings are pretty tight still (only 15 homers separate 4th and 35th) so there is still hope for all the teams in the Derby.

The big losers in the month of May… Bombs Away and F! the Cubs (seriously, the Cubs suck). Both of these teams went from 25 homers in April (and the top third of the standings) to 8 homers in May. Talk about needing a slump buster. The other losers in May… one-third of the entire Derby. Yes, 19 teams have already used their one and only trade of the season with 4 total months left. And it doesn’t look like many other teams are in the clear as Jason Heyward is getting close to being trade eligible.

That pretty much wraps up May. It seems like the wet weather has finally moved out (seriously, 32 rainouts so far, that’s ridiculous) and warmer weather is moving in. The warm weather seems to have already improved batting statistics as we saw 46 dingers on May 30th (including Pujols 2nd of the month of May). Let the Mashing begin.

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April 2011 – HR Derby month in review

I know, I know… It’s May 9th, which means May is already a quarter over and I haven’t posted any sort of April review or even a new story in a few weeks. I’ve been too busy living in heaven.

(you will even see appearances from Brewer greats Rollie Fingers, Brett Wurst, and Cinco)

But several interesting site news: First, I’ve been spending my time not completing house renovations getting the site up and running as a mobile site. Yes, you will soon be able to check the HR Derby standings anytime possible on your mobile devices without having to download all the content and zoom in on the tiny font. Be on the look out for this new feature shortly (who knows, there may be an Android App to follow shortly as well). Second, the month of April took the site’s traffic to over 10,000 views in less than a year. That’s pretty impressive, so thanks to the people who keep coming back. Third, our current owner of the Derby basement, Pick Me A Winner, Bobby, wanted to be better than one other team in the HR Derby at something. So, he suggested I calculate the average home run distance for each team. With some more of my scripting genious, I was able to calculate every teams average home run that updates live at the end of each day and is posted next to your team’s name in the standings. Bad news is that Pick Me A Winner Bobby also has the shortest home run average. Lastly, I got sick of calculating my team’s daily change of position. Thus, I added an additional calculation next to every teams’ current position which shows how many positions your team has moved in the standings lately. Red means you are headed the wrong direction; green signals your team is headed for paydirt.

On to the HomeRun Derby month in review: Forget You

At the beginning of the first month of baseball is great. Every team is back to a clean slate, every break out player gets to prove that last season wasn’t a fluke, every disappointing player gets to prove that last year was indeed a fluke, every fan gets the chance to say “This is the year, the year that…” my favorite team wins the pennant, my fantasy team takes home the trophy, or my Kings of Cork team finishes in the top-5.

At the end of the first month of baseball, most fans get the chance to say (in their best Cee Lo Green voice) “Forget you…” to the break out player of last season who was suppose to be a top fantasy pick but hasn’t lived up to their hype (I’m looking at you Car-go). Or, “Forget you…” to the power bat that moved to a more hitter friendly ball-park (I’m looking at you Adam Dunn, A-Gon, and Carlos Pena). Or, “Forget you…” to the player who once again could not prove himself worthy of baseball stardom (There’s too many to list here but let’s go with Han-Ram, Carl Crawford, Josh Hamilton, and Joe Mauer). Most likely, if you have one of these players on a fantasy baseball team or in the Kings of Cork home run derby, your team isn’t doing the greatest and you’ve already exclaimed “Forget you!!!” more than once to your team.

But with every player’s or team’s struggles (what the heck is wrong with the Brew Crew, Mets, Cubs, Twins, Chi-sox, and Bo-sox), there is another player or team living in their moment of glory (please see the Indians, Royals, and Cardinals waving their hands).

Let us pay respect to the month of April by recapping the April Kings Of Cork HomeRun Derby standings:

  • Ryan Braun – Odds are that if you had the Brew Crew’s Hebrew Hammer, your Kings Of Cork Derby team was not in the bottom half. His 10 home runs were the tops in the Majors at the end of April, and those 10 are already 1/3 of his season total last season. It seems like he is back in 2009 mashing form and half of the top 20 teams at the end of April would have to agree since they are sitting on Braun’s hot bat including the 3rd and 5th place teams of April, Devil Dogs and Behold the Power of Cheese. Will Braun continue his hot streak? A week into May and he has yet to hit a home run since April.
  • Alfonso Soriano & Lance Berkman – What do these two guys have in common? They are both turning 35 years of age which is the back half of most MLB players’ careers. What else do they both have in common? They both struggled mightily at the plate in 2010. What else do they have in common? They both have figured out that they were getting overpaid for their under achieving performance. At the end of April, Soriano had 1 less HR than Braun (Soriano now leads the Majors with 11) and Berkman had 2 less than Braun but is leading the Majors in Runs Batted In. Four Derby teams started the season with Alfonso and of those four teams, three of them were in the top 10 at the end of April including our month of April leader, Geez. More impressive is that of the 58 teams in 2011, ONE team actually chose the Big Puma… Fat Elvis… Lance Berkman. That team was in 4th at the end of April and was the first official entry into the 2011 Derby (even submitted before mine), The Test Icicles.
  • Jose Bautista – How dare ye doubt the 2010 home run champ! I know I sure did. I expected him to be a bigger one hit wonder than Los Del Rio. But once again, he is swinging the big stick. And despite being on the bench the first 6 days in May due to injury, Bautista is currently sitting at 10 HR and an amazing 0.524 OBP. Seven Derby teams enlisted the services of Joey Bats and our April Derby leader is, again, one of these teams: The Geez.
  • Big Poppe Pill Poppers – This Derby team gets his own line for one simple reason… his team is currently the most well rounded team in the derby. He doesn’t have one stand out bat, he has 5 of them. Fielder, Big Tex, Tulo, Quentin, and Chris Young all had 6 or more homers. No other derby team can say that even a week into May. This team may be the team to beat in the first half of the derby.

Remember, the season is long so don’t fret about the month of April or your players who haven’t figured out how to hit the long ball (Aaron Hill, Encarnacion, Alvarez, Aramis Ramirez, Han-Ram, Hart, Longoria, and McGehee, just to name a few). I promise to get more baseball related content posted soon. Until then, enjoy the heat in the Midwest.

The All-Star Head-to-Head 2011 Fantasy Baseball Team

Something to read while the Flying Tomato lands a four-peat.

With fantasy football a few weeks behind us, the real American pastime can begin to grasp hold of America. Don’t even attempt to begin a battle you should already know you will lose. Football is just another easy out for American sports enthusiasts and should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Baseball. (This blogger should be beat with Pa’s Ol’ Beatin’ Stick… his only valid point is #5)

According to the countdown in the upper right of the site, Pitchers and Catchers report for training in roughly 10 days, 23 Hours, and 20 minutes. And since we are within the 2 week period, it is officially time to start talking Fantasy Baseball… and it isn’t a minute too soon as I was beginning to go bananas.

Fantasy Baseball comes in two opposing identities (there are other formats but not nearly as popular)… similar to Cinderella and the Ugly Step-Sisters. Rotisserie and Head-to-Head. One may ask… so which format is Cinderella and which format is the Ugly Step-Sisters. The Commish’s opinion is only one small opinion, but seeing as you are reading this post, it’s an opinion that you care about (I’m just stroking my own ego at this point). But, Cinderella only plays in Rotisserie format Fantasy Baseball, for several reasons.

  • It encourages building a superior all-around team.
  • It encourages research on all players and trying to find that turd to polish diamond in the rough and not streaming pitchers.
  • The best team always wins.
  • There is no luck involved because there is no ‘easy schedule’.
  • You can’t cheat (I’ll explain this comment below).

The one thing Rotisserie lacks in compared to Head-to-Head is the ability to provoke competitiveness, friendly banter, and managers in last may stay interested longer (although no manager should walk away from a team). In Head-to-Head, your team always has a specific opponent. Sure your team may be in last and out of the playoffs in August, but the ability to play against your arch nemesis (probably your boss), who is ranked number 1 in the league, and pull off a week victory leaves you feeling as if you had just won the World Series. Yes, Head-to-Head is perfect for the league that survives on cockiness and not necessarily on baseball knowledge and wits.

What fuels this hatred of Head-to-Head of mine? It’s the idea that one can walk into a league with very little baseball knowledge but has a fined tuned ability to dissect the rules and scoring. For anyone who has any morals and participates in Head-to-Head Fantasy Baseball leagues, please turn away and do not continue any further with this post. Because what follows next will give you the tools to be almost unstoppable in any Head-to-Head league.

Are you sure you want to continue reading? If you continue, I cannot be held responsible for you being banned from your high stakes league with all your old high-school buddies for using “the force” for evil and not for good.

To Learn About The Force: Follow the Jump…

Check It Out!!! – Standings Update Automatically

You read that correctly. The standings page now automatically updates. Now there is no need for you to have to wait for me to manually post the updated standings.

Every time you visit the standings page, the standings should be up to date… well almost. The data refreshes every 5 minutes on the server, but you still need to refresh the page manually to see the changes.

This should keep the Home Run Derby more entertaining and more addicting.

If for some reason the standings don’t look right, drop me an email via the contact page so I can update the website asap. So you guys don’t become an angry mob and chase me with torches and pitchforks.

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Baseball Slang… We Swing the Big Stick

“Souvenir City”, “Warning Track Power”, “The Long Ball”, “Ducks on the Pond”, “Fence Buster”, “Glass Arm”, “Mendoza Line”, “Worm Burner”…

I really enjoy slang; and the driving factor in this comment is because slang terms are easier to remember in my very minute vocabulary (Let’s put it this way, I am not an English major by any means). In fact as of right now, I am dubbing Slang as the official language of The Kings Of Cork.

For instance, the term “Home Run” has MANY slang terms. The long ball, jack, dinger, souvenir, just to name a few of my favorites.

What I would like to do here is introduce a few slang terms that others have coined here to help them catch on, as well as bring up a few I have thought of and you guys can help spread the word (or comment on them in the comments section about how uncreative I am).

Some of these are more fantasy baseball relevant but most can be used in the every morning baseball box score chat with the guy in the cubicle next to you.

The Golden Sombrero – I’m sure most of you have heard this baseball term before (it has nothing to do with how many churros Prince Fielder can eat before the 3rd inning, although I bet it’s about 34). This feat is typical for ball players like Mark Reynolds, Ryan Howard, Bobby Bonds and Jose Hernandez (showing my Brewer bias right there). So what is it you ask, the crowning of a golden sombrero happens when a single player records 4 strikeouts in a single game. These are more common than you may think. In fact, there has been a golden sombrero in 4 straight days. Jose Guillen recorded one vs the Rangers last night, May 24. Ryan Ludwick recorded one in a 10 inning game vs the Angels on May 23. The night before him Aramis Ramirez, who has been awful, wore the crown in a 10 inning game vs the Rangers. And the night before him, Will Venable got the most shameful kind, a sombrero in a 9 inning game vs the Mariners. The list continues. Other versions of this feat are the platinum sombrero and the titanium sombrero, which are 5 k’s and 6 k’s by a single player in a single game respectively. The titanium sombrero is not a common accomplishment. It’s never been done in a standard 9 inning game, but in extra innings it has been done 8 times. Most recently by him Geoff Jenkins on June 8, 2004 (yes another great Milwaukee Brewer).

Gilbert Brown BurgerThe next item was coined by TMR (Talented Mr Roto) aka Matthew Berry and Nate Ravitz on the Fantasy Focus podcast. They call it: The Combo Meal. This term is geared more towards fantasy baseball. It’s the achievement of scoring a Run, an RBI, a Home Run, and a Stolen Base all in a single game. Really, it’s as simple as hitting a home run and stealing a base in the same game (since a player would acquire at minimum a run and an RBI on the home run itself). This is one of my new favorite slang terms. What is a combo meal at any restaurant? You get multiple items at a discounted price if you purchased them all separately. Well this accomplishment is the same definition in fantasy baseball. Typically a team has to pay for home runs in one power player and pay for stolen bases in another speedier player. But with a combo meal, the fantasy owner reaps the rewards of a 5 category player. The most recent combo meal was achieved by Alex Rios on May 24. The only question now… Would you like to supersize that?

These next few terms are just a few of my ideas of what stats could be used for slang terms:
For The Rest Of The Story: Follow The Jump…

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Breaking News: New Website Look

This just in… the website has a new look and feel. Now that the website has been updated, get ready for more and new baseball related posts.

New and Improved

  • Posts are now tagged and categorized, so if you like the post you are reading, click the tag or category links to find posts similar to the one you just enjoyed.
  • Follow us on Twitter. See that little birdy in the menu header. He will take you to the Kings of Cork tweets.
  • RSS Feeds. If you don’t recognize the symbol on the far right of the menu header, that’s the rss feed for the website. You can subscribe to the blog RSS feed if you want automatic updates to the blog. I hope to have a RSS feed for the Home Run Derby Standings shortly.
  • Comments. Feel free to post comments on any of the posts to let me know what you think, or to create a stir among other readers. I hope to have commenting available for the standings page shortly to allow trash talk.

Enjoy the added content.

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