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Pardon My Biogenesis Bender

You have probably checked this blog every 30 seconds for the past 4 days waiting for ‘The Commish’, who’s a HUGE Brewers fan, make his public statement about the Biogenesis news that broke on Monday. Well, after a very heavy and long bender (and several nights of tears), my comments on Monday’s announcement will have to wait another few days (once I sober up or stop sobbing)…

Just kidding. I’m not under a gag order like Braun is.
You know my original stance of the Braun debacle, if not you can find it here, or here, or here. But I’m not the only person that was duped, Braun’s teammates were, Aaron Rodgers lost a $4.5 Million bet, heck, most of Wisconsin was under the same spell.

I can honestly say, after 6 years, I now know how Giants fans feel. How they feel about Barry Bonds… a loved hometown hero, a villain to other fans.

But what I will ask is that baseball fans, the media, analysts, Joe Schmo stop trying to hang Braun. Stop walking around with matches looking to burn him at the stake. I’m not saying he’s innocent. I’m not saying you have to forgive him. What I want is for humans to admit that no one is perfect. Not even you. Understand that he made a mistake, understand that he has to live with the mistake. You don’t see Braun yelling for your head because you were doing 75mph in a 55mph (cheating the system?). You don’t see Braun asking for your paycheck or your job because you only clocked 6 hours today at your white collar job (cheating the system?). You don’t see Braun asking for your ‘Dad of the year’ award because you created 50000 fake email addresses to help vote for your entry (cheating the system?). You know you have made mistakes in your life, and you learn from them, so hopefully Braun does too.

After all of this, you would think his teammates would have the most anger towards Braun since they defended him… but they don’t. They seem to be in the same boat as me. Braun made a mistake, Braun has to live with it, Braun has a large hill to climb next season to prove he’s still an elite player.

Personally, I can’t wait until Braun’s gag order is lifted. Because I’m waiting to here what on this list Braun is guilty of. I’m hoping for either something in the Drug Abuse list or something that is in the Stimulants list (like Adderall aka amphetamines). Just saying, he isn’t technically guilty of HGH or Roids… yet.

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Wanted: Drugged and Alive

Wait? It’s June?! Isn’t all the PED talk suppose to wait until November-February? How else do we get through the baseball drought trying to avoid football, basketball, and hockey…

Braun and A-rod should have known. You can win a battle but that doesn’t mean you have won the war. And a war is exactly what the MLB office is attempting to win. A war on PED’s. And it’s going to start with a media sh!t storm.

ESPN’s Outside The Lines (the same people who broke the initial Braun case before his appeal) has recently broke news that Tony Bosch, the owner and operator of the Biogenesis clinic in Miami, is going to cooperate with the MLB’s requests.

Some are speculating that he’s trying to save his name from being tarnished by the media. Others believe he is trying to stay only moderately bankrupt and not even deeper in debt by avoiding court costs from the MLB prosecuting him. No one has even mentioned that there may be a cash incentive for him bringing MLB’s two most wanted criminals… so I’ll start that rumor here. He’s doing it for A TON of money.

But really, whether the players on that Biogenesis list are guilty or innocent, how can anyone surmount a case based on hand written pieces of paper or straight from the mouths of the lowest integrity set of business men on the planet. What if a piece of paper was found in someone’s pocket that said ‘I did it’ signed O.J. Would that be enough evidence to change the verdict? What if someone claimed they saw Lee Harvey Oswald in Seattle and not on the grassy knoll that day. Would that be enough evidence to changed the verdict (yes the original was overturned later in that case)?

How is MLB deeming there is enough integrity from these sources with very little proof of anything? I’m not arguing the players are innocent, I just thought there was a saying in the US that ‘you are innocent until proven guilty’ and not ‘you are guilty until proven innocent’.

I don’t want cheaters in the game but maybe they should enforce the basic rules first before trying to accuse people without evidence. Say, the maximum glove size for fielders (which is 12″). Or how about figuring out this replay thing for once by giving more angles and larger tv’s with High-Definition.

And at least one other writer supports the ‘lack of evidence and integrity’ theory.

It’s only day 1 of the stories… and I’m already sick of them.

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