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Physics-ly Impossible

While playoff baseball is in full swing and after the epic collapse of the Red Sox and the Braves, I couldn’t help to think on how it seemed impossible for those two teams to collapse and how I get to watch bonus baseball with the Brewers making the playoffs for only the 2nd time in my lifetime.

Then… I was sent this video via email.

My first thought is… WOW! Then reality sets in… there is no way someone could do this. Sure once, maybe twice, but no way could someone do this for 45+ seconds. Or do it with 2 balls simultaneously. I have been trying to find a definite way to prove it, but can’t. The balls don’t seem to always hit the same spot on the 1st pitchback. The balls do seem to take the same path around the other 3 though. And at the end of the video, I never see either of the balls come down (although they may be so far out there that they haven’t come down yet).

This video reminds me of a few others from recent years.

Is it real? Ya, probably not. In fact, I believe it was a clip created for a Gatorade commercial a few years ago.

Last is this one which is eerily similar to the previous one.

That one is actually… real. The Hiroshima Carp player actually made that play during a game in 2010 and then he followed it up with an even better one that same season. The pitcher and even himself couldn’t believe he made that second catch.

Hopefully we get the chance to see some equivalent displays of defense and offense as in these videos in the next few weeks of MLB playoff games. Enjoy the extra baseball everyone as we will soon be left with 4 dark months of no games (but most likely one of the most entertaining off-season transaction periods in the past 20 years).

A Cure For Hart Burn

Before you criticize me of my failure, enjoy some rain delay entertainment.

Now for Bud Selig’s The Commish’s failure, the failure to keep you entertained (unlike these guys) for almost the entire month of May. Up to this point of the season, I’m a bigger disappointment than the Minnesota Twins. In my defense, I at least revamped the looks of the standings and added a little “(+X)” next to the players in the standings who hit home runs that day. No more needing to manually go check who hit homers each day.

But to try and revive some of the Kings of Cork fans, I’m going to try and earn a Save by running through what has happened in the month of May by pointing you to some of my favorite articles (that way I don’t have to rewrite them). Here they are starting with my most favorite:

  • Bernie Brewer Heist (May 24) – The Brewers’ marketing department is
    ON FIRE this season. First they had the season tickets promotion, now they finished a scavenger hunt with the “Where’s Bernie Brewer?” promotion. Except everyone did what any recent college graduate could see coming. Stakeouts and robberies to hoard as many gnomes as possible. Last laugh is on the hoarders, you can still purchase a gnome for $50 at the Brewers Clubhouse. No money to be made on a flooded market.
  • DL Charging Station (May 23) – On the same night, multiple power hitters were activated from the DL, Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, and Jim Thome. And ALL of them went deep at least once. Thome went big fly twice. Almost everyone in the Derby gave up on Hamilton, the previous leader (Geez) and Swing and a Mrs gave up on Thome out of 3 teams, and no one got a chance to trade Cruz (on the DL 1 day shy of the trade deadline).
  • A Typical Day Off of Work (May 17) – Brian McCann was giving the night off on the 17th but was called in to pinch hit with his team down by 1. With one swing, McCann went yard and forced some free baseball. His next at-bat in extra innings… a walk-off trot around the bases. McCann’s day off was 2-2 with 2HR and carrying his team to victory. McCann probably won’t ever get a day off again.
  • Passing of a Legend (May 17)Harmon Killebrew gave a courageous at-bat against cancer but decided to throw in the towel this month. More than a Twins legend, Killebrew was a hero to all. He will be missed but his legend lives on through the MLB logo. Our tribute to the legend: some old school home run derby of Harmon Killebrew vs Mickey Mantle.


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Fans Unimpressed By Home Run Robbery

Thanks to DeadSpin for bringing this gem from across the Pacific (or from really far across the Atlantic).

Take a look at this grab by Masato Akamatsu from the Hiroshima Carp’s.

Outfielder’s dream of making a play like this. A play that immortalizes them. (Some immortalized for attempting the impossible catch)

Even more impressive than this catch… the fans’ reactions. Its almost as if no one saw the catch. “Oh what was that, there’s two outs? Well this sushi Carp roll is delish”. I mean, come on… had that happened to any major leaguer, the game would have been stopped. A standing ovation demanded. Pictures taken with the “Say Hey” kid who just flew in for the photograph. The shoes, glove, uniform, jock strap taken to the MLB hall of fame… There might be some exaggeration there, but you get the point. Any baseball fan would be out of there seat staring at the giant LED HD scoreboard waiting to see it again and again.

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Rookies Say “Go Big or Go Home”

In the past week, MLB rooks have taken a stand against the simple stats and are rewriting the record books. In fact, three of them are starting a new trend for Generation Y and have made the official move to making your first MLB home run not a solo shot but a grand slam. That’s right, three have hit grand slams this week as their first MLB homers. Two did it in their first game. One did it on the first pitch they saw.

So who are these mystery three. Let’s start with the most recent.

  • Mike StantonIf you haven’t heard of this top prospect yet, he is the next coming of Mark Reynolds and Adam Dunn. A very powerful, even more free swinging batter with little concern of setting the single season strike out record. He is one of the Marlins top prospects who got his Major League call-up on June 8. He hasn’t wow’ed anyone by any means yet… that was until tonight. On his 32nd MLB at-bat, he had the bases loaded against the Rays Matt Garza. He battled his way to a 3-2 count when he lifted a high fast ball to left field. The crowd reacted similar to Jason Heyward’s first home run. But Stanton’s was a grand slam. He helped knock Garza out of the game after 1 1/3 innings and 71 pitches. Now that he’s broken the ice, you should expect many more long balls from him in years to come.
  • Aaron Cunningham – I don’t know a lot about this guy, but I do know he made his first home run even more impressive than Stanton’s. In his first Major League game on Tuesday June 15 on his 3rd ever Major League at-bat, Cunningham came up with the bases loaded against Brett Cecil (who has been white hot this season for the Blue Jays). He knew what he had to do for Generation Y… and he did. His first MLB home run was also a grand slam.
  • Daniel Nava – Of course, the Boston Red Sox player has to show everyone up. Nava came to the plate for his very first at bat on Saturday June 12 with the pond full. On the very first pitch Nava saw, he took it yard. That’s right, after one pitch, Nava was 1-1 with 4 rbi’s and an OPS of 5.00. I hate to say it, but there’s no where to go now but down, Nava.

Is it just me or is 2010 the year of the rookie because these three aren’t the only rookies making a splash this year. Here’s a list of players making major contributions in their first year:

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Another Perfect Game…. Kind Of

Armando Galarraga threw a perfect game only 4 days after Roy Halladay… sort of. He pitched a legitimate perfect game tonight on June 2; but with 2 outs in the top of the 9th, the Tigers pitcher got Jason Donald to ground out to first.

Check out what happened here.

Unbelievable, an obvious blown call on the last out of a perfect game. This was after Austin Jackson made a remarkable running, over the shoulder catch to save the perfect game in the top of the 9th.

So here is the question, and it has come up before during Dallas Braden’s perfect game when Longoria tried a bunt single to break up the no-no, if this was the 3rd inning, would anyone care as much? What if he pitched a shutout from that point forward in the 3rd, would anyone care? I can tell you this… Detroit is rioting right now. They haven’t had a good reason to riot since 1967.

This was an obvious blown call that could have capped off the most remarkable start to the MLB season in history. It would/should have been three perfect games, one no hitter, and the fourth perfect game in 10 months if you include Mark Buehrle’s late last season.

Alas, we will have to settle on watching one of the most dominating pitcher starts in history in Ubaldo Jimenez.

A Limp-off, A Balk-off, And More On Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember, reflect, and thank all of the people who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. So before we go any further, Thank You.

Now let’s remember and reflect on a very busy weekend in baseball. Here are the bullet points to some of the more interesting stories from the extended weekend. Some have major fantasy relevance for those of you that care about that topic.

Kendry Morales‘ Walk-off or Limp-off Grand Slam: Saturday night (May 29) had a baseball moment most young boys dream about and majority have even simulated at their local sandlot. Kendry Morales came to the plate with the bases loaded, 1 out, in the bottom of the 10th of a tie ball game. And on the first pitch, Morales drove one to deep center field and got to do the walk-off home run trot. Walk-off home runs come with all types of celebrations: the classic trot, the “drop it like its hot” bat flip, the stare down, the Brewers jersey un-tucking, or even Prince Fielder‘s “home plate grenade“. Morales simply took his jogged his 4 bases and like most, jumped on home plate in the middle of his waiting teammates’ mosh-pit. However, Morales should have probably taken ballet classes because his spikes gave way on the plate resulting in a broken leg. This is crippling to not only the Angels but to one of the Home Run Derby leaders, Swing and a Mrs. The next night the Angels had another walk-off home run; and let’s just say, they celebrated with a little less enthusiasm.
Check out the video of Morales below. Click here if the video clip won’t play.

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A’s Press Conference: “Buck, Buck…. Oh Buck”

John Buck’s stat line going into Thursday night (April 29) looked something like this:

Runs HR RBI  Avg

That was until tonight.

Thats right, he didn’t hit just 1, or 2, but 3 round trippers. The first catcher to do it since Victor Martinez did it back in July 2004 (Ya I know, that was sooo long ago).

Three home runs in one game, however, is NOT the MLB record for most home runs in one game. And I take it upon myself that everyone in this Home Run Derby league must know what and who holds the MLB record.

So what is the record… well Buck was close, it’s 4. AND 15 Major League players have done it.

Date Player Team Opposing team
May 30, 1894 Bobby Lowe NL Boston Beaneaters Cincinnati Reds
July 13, 1896 Ed Delahanty NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Colts
June 3, 1932 Lou Gehrig AL New York Yankees Philadelphia Athletics
July 10, 1936 Chuck Klein NL Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates
July 18, 1948 Pat Seerey AL Chicago White Sox Philadelphia Athletics
August 31, 1950 Gil Hodges NL Brooklyn Dodgers Boston Braves
July 31, 1954 Joe Adcock NL Milwaukee Braves Brooklyn Dodgers
June 10, 1959 Rocky Colavito AL Cleveland Indians Baltimore Orioles
April 30, 1961 Willie Mays NL San Francisco Giants Milwaukee Braves
April 17, 1976 Mike Schmidt NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs
July 6, 1986 Bob Horner NL Atlanta Braves Montreal Expos
September 7, 1993 Mark Whiten NL St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds
May 2, 2002 Mike Cameron AL Seattle Mariners Chicago White Sox
May 23, 2002 Shawn Green NL Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers
September 25, 2003 Carlos Delgado AL Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Devil Rays

One thing that I noticed on this list… The majority of the players are from the National League. And there is a rumor that the National League is weaker offensively than the American League. I beg to differ, but I won’t argue this point, yet.

So who will be the first player in history to hit 5 home runs in one game?

I really hope its Billy Butler for the sake of my Home Run Derby Team.

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They Call Me Superman

In a week that has seen Pudge lose the ball in his catcher mitt (I wish I had a link to this because its hilarious) and an $18 million starting pitcher shipped to the bullpen, I have this gem of a play for you.

(I’m bummed that yahoo beat me to this story. I had it ready to go but couldn’t get it posted in time)

Take a look at this college play.

Fordham was down 9-1. They then went on to make it 9-8. With the pond full of ducks, the batter ripped a shot into left center. They wave the guy from first around third and he does this:

For The Rest Of The Story: Follow The Jump…

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