A’s Press Conference: “Buck, Buck…. Oh Buck”

John Buck’s stat line going into Thursday night (April 29) looked something like this:

Runs HR RBI  Avg

That was until tonight.

Thats right, he didn’t hit just 1, or 2, but 3 round trippers. The first catcher to do it since Victor Martinez did it back in July 2004 (Ya I know, that was sooo long ago).

Three home runs in one game, however, is NOT the MLB record for most home runs in one game. And I take it upon myself that everyone in this Home Run Derby league must know what and who holds the MLB record.

So what is the record… well Buck was close, it’s 4. AND 15 Major League players have done it.

Date Player Team Opposing team
May 30, 1894 Bobby Lowe NL Boston Beaneaters Cincinnati Reds
July 13, 1896 Ed Delahanty NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Colts
June 3, 1932 Lou Gehrig AL New York Yankees Philadelphia Athletics
July 10, 1936 Chuck Klein NL Philadelphia Phillies Pittsburgh Pirates
July 18, 1948 Pat Seerey AL Chicago White Sox Philadelphia Athletics
August 31, 1950 Gil Hodges NL Brooklyn Dodgers Boston Braves
July 31, 1954 Joe Adcock NL Milwaukee Braves Brooklyn Dodgers
June 10, 1959 Rocky Colavito AL Cleveland Indians Baltimore Orioles
April 30, 1961 Willie Mays NL San Francisco Giants Milwaukee Braves
April 17, 1976 Mike Schmidt NL Philadelphia Phillies Chicago Cubs
July 6, 1986 Bob Horner NL Atlanta Braves Montreal Expos
September 7, 1993 Mark Whiten NL St. Louis Cardinals Cincinnati Reds
May 2, 2002 Mike Cameron AL Seattle Mariners Chicago White Sox
May 23, 2002 Shawn Green NL Los Angeles Dodgers Milwaukee Brewers
September 25, 2003 Carlos Delgado AL Toronto Blue Jays Tampa Bay Devil Rays

One thing that I noticed on this list… The majority of the players are from the National League. And there is a rumor that the National League is weaker offensively than the American League. I beg to differ, but I won’t argue this point, yet.

So who will be the first player in history to hit 5 home runs in one game?

I really hope its Billy Butler for the sake of my Home Run Derby Team.

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