Derby Update: Off The Schneid

Several major league sluggers finally got off the schneid this week (some Home Run Derby relevant and others not)

“Off the schneid” is derived from the German/Yiddish words schneid, and schneider, both terms from gin rummy (or my hunting clubs favorite: Sheepshead) where one side has failed to score for an extended period.

Click the player’s name to watch the home run replay.

Nine HR Derby teams were dancing for joy when Mark Teixeira jacked a solo shot off of former Cubby Rich Harden in the 3rd inning of the Texas/Yankee game Sunday April 18th.

David Eckstein has career 35 HR power (thats in 9 full seasons), but that lack of power didn’t stop him from hitting a walk-off HR in the bottom of the 10th off of Jeremy Affeldt to beat the SanFran Giants on April 19th. And no, no one picked Eckstein in the HR Derby. We are all smarter than that.

Four out of the five teams who took Tulo are from the great Rockies state. So I’m sure they have already seen this highlight of Troy Tulowitzki driving the ball to left of off Scott Olsen in the top of the 2nd of the Rockies 10-4 victory on April 20th.

Nate McLouth became fantasy relevant with his walk-off homer in the bottom of the 10th off of the Phillies’ Jose Contreras on April 20th. Jayson Heyward’s, aka “The Kraken”, game tying home run (which was part of a back-to-back HR extraveganxa with Troy Glaus) was even more epic.

One Derby team gambled with injury prone and comeback hero Josh Hamilton. He got his first off of another Josh, Josh Beckett, in the 7th inning on April 21st. The 3 run shot tied the game, but Texas would eventually lose in the 12th.

In what was the 4th largest margin of victory in MLB history in a shutout, the Brewers beat on the Pirates 20-0 on April 22nd in a victory that would make the ’82 Harvey Wallbankers proud. Prince Fielder hit a solo shot in the 2nd to straight away center to start the scoring binge. That silenced Prince’s harshest critics, the 14 Home Run Derby GMs who took Fielder. It also started a shakeup in the HR Derby standings. Teixeira also got his 2nd of the year on this day.

Big Papi, David Ortiz, sent a solo shot over the green monster on April 23rd.

“Raaaauuuuullll” was my chant on Saturday at the bar as I watched Raul Ibanez take a shot off the right field foul pole to tie the game in the top of the 7th. I only have an interest in this home run because I bought low on Raul in one of my fantasy leagues.

Reminder: Ian Kinsler is eligible for trade in the Derby.
Until next time… swing hard or don’t swing at all.

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