Name That Mustache

Who doesn’t like a good mustache? If I could grow one that didn’t look like I was the proud owner of this vehicle, I would have one (until my fiancee had something to say about it). It seems baseball was always the best sport for moustaches (based on my baseball card collection), but those days are all but gone with few players sporting memorable mustaches. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the moustaches of the past.

It’s Time For…. Name That Mustache!!!

Below are several baseball mustaches. I will give you clues, but take a look at the picture first to see how good your baseball mustache knowledge is without the hints.

If you can get more than 2 correct, consider your self a moustache entrepreneur, a moustache enthusiast, a mustache maniac.

To find the answer, simply click on the photo.
Let’s get started.

Round 1

  • If you need clues for this first one, just stop reading this post. This is the most obvious mustache in all of baseball.
  • He played for the A’s, Padres, and Brewers.
  • His number was 34. Retired by both the A’s and Brewers (one of only eight players who can say their number was retired by more than one team)
  • He is a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame.
  • Mustache style: Handlebar.

Round 2

  • Still an active player: He also started with the A’s. He then went to the Yankees, back to the A’s, and now taps the Rockies.
  • He was part of Billy Beane’s Moneyball gang.
    (Sidenote: Moneyball is a must read for the baseball guru)
  • He was part of the BALCO scandal, but most recently is part of the Gold Lion thong scandal.
  • Mustache style: 70’s Porn.

Round 3

  • A well traveled player: He pitched for the Chi Sox, Pirates, Yankees, Padres, Cubs, Giants, Rangers, A’s, and Mariners.
  • Recently inducted into the Hall of Fame (2008), he was a 9-time All Star.
  • He was more commonly known by his nickname: A common animal seen in many midwest parks these days.
  • He is the career leader in blown saves. Three more than the Round 1 Mustache owner.
  • Mustache style: Fu Manchu

Round 4: It gets tougher

  • Oddly enough, this proud mustache owner became famous for backing up an injured Rd 1 Mustache Owner in the Brewers 1982 playoff run.
  • He played for the Astros, Brewers, and Mariners as a relief pitcher.
  • I don’t know what’s more ridiculous: his mustache or his glasses. Seriously, who wores those while trying to be even slightly athletic.
  • There really isn’t anymore I can say about this guy.
  • Mustache style: Creepy Van Owner

Round 5: Who?

  • This proud owner played for the Chi Sox, Jays, Cards, and, once again, the Brewers (maybe that what the Brewers need to get back to the playoffs, sweet moustaches).
  • He won the Cy Young as a Brewer when the Brewers won the Pennant and was part of a 7 player trade also involving Rd 1 mustache owner.
  • He had a VERY colorful personality. Known to convulse and dry heave while on the mound.
  • He also has acting under his belt staring as a Yankee slugger in the film: Major League
  • Mustache style: Possessed Fu Manchu

Round 6: Afroman emerges

  • This player debuted as a Cub, and also played OF/DH for the Phils, Indians, Yanks, Chi Sox, Padres, and Rangers. Not a Brewer.
  • He logged the last hit and RBI at Phillies’ Connie Mack Stadium.
  • Very philosophical: He’s been quoted as saying “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”
  • He was nicknamed ‘The Big O’.
  • Mustache style: “Don’t look at my Fro”

Round 7: The Ultimate Mustache

  • HA. Just kidding. This is not a baseball player, but what an awesome mustache.

Until next time… brush up on your mustaches.
You never know when Name That Mustache!!! will return.

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