Suppan Upsets Entire State of Wisconsin, Gets Grounded

Ken Macha must have added me as a facebook friend on friday as my post states “I…. HATE…. SUPPAN!!!!!!!!… go to the DL or bullpen”. This was after he gave up a double on his first pitch, followed by another double (score is 1-0), followed by a single.

His final line of the day: 4.1IP, 10H, 5ER, 2K (1 was the pitcher), 10.98ERA… Season Line, since his return from the DL (Caused by sleeping on a towel in spring training): 9.1IP, 16H, 9ER, 6K, 8.68ERA, 2.04 WHIP.
Suppan’s stats since becoming a Brewer in 2007: 29-35, 5.00ERA, 1.65WHIP. His paycheck for 2010: $12.75 Million.

Last season I found Suppan for sale on ebay. Buy Suppan, Get Billy Hall for free. Ebay obviously took down the sale within a few hours, but that didn’t stop me from getting in on the bidding war (I was hoping I could purchase him, sell him to the Cubs, and have him start against the Brewers to help the Brewers’ offense a bit.)

Now I find out that he, JJ Hardy, Bill Hall, and Chris Capuano all appeared on The Young and The Restless. This can’t be coincidence that all of them are worthless Brewers now… please do not let Braun or Fielder make cameo’s on “As the World Turns“.

Suppan is now the latest addition to the Brewers’ bullpen. I really hope this grounding to the bullpen includes suspension of his bullpen phone priviliges.

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