They Call Me Superman

In a week that has seen Pudge lose the ball in his catcher mitt (I wish I had a link to this because its hilarious) and an $18 million starting pitcher shipped to the bullpen, I have this gem of a play for you.

(I’m bummed that yahoo beat me to this story. I had it ready to go but couldn’t get it posted in time)

Take a look at this college play.

Fordham was down 9-1. They then went on to make it 9-8. With the pond full of ducks, the batter ripped a shot into left center. They wave the guy from first around third and he does this:

Absolutely incredible.

Not that it would have mattered as the score was now 9-11.

My first thought was how can this opposing coach come out and argue this call. That was an AMAZING play. Then I realized their conversation probably went more like this:

Opposing Coach: “Did you see that!?!?!”

Umpire: “Ya I was standing right here”

OC: “No actually you were standing over here”

Ump: “Um, no I was right here, I remember seeing this kid diving right over me and the catcher”

OC: “Now you are exaggerating, he only jumped over my fat lazy catcher”

Ump: “No this kid is the next Evil Knievel, he jumped your Catcher, me, and the 2 previous runners”

OC: “Stop embellishing this play, it wasn’t that great”

Ump: “Embelleshing??? This kid just dove 150 ft down the 3rd base line”

OC: “This line right here”

Ump: “Ya that one”

OC: “This line is only 90 ft to 3rd base so he couldn’t have done that”

Ump: “I swear on my life he did”

OC: “That’s it lets go to the replay”

Ump: “We can’t, its only used for Home Runs”

OC: “You just know you are lying”

Ump: “No I’m not”

OC: “Yes you are”

Ump: “No I’m not”

OC: “Yes you are”

Ump: “Nu uh”

OC: “Uh huh”

Ump: “That’s it, you’re out of here”

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