Breaking News: New Website Look

This just in… the website has a new look and feel. Now that the website has been updated, get ready for more and new baseball related posts.

New and Improved

  • Posts are now tagged and categorized, so if you like the post you are reading, click the tag or category links to find posts similar to the one you just enjoyed.
  • Follow us on Twitter. See that little birdy in the menu header. He will take you to the Kings of Cork tweets.
  • RSS Feeds. If you don’t recognize the symbol on the far right of the menu header, that’s the rss feed for the website. You can subscribe to the blog RSS feed if you want automatic updates to the blog. I hope to have a RSS feed for the Home Run Derby Standings shortly.
  • Comments. Feel free to post comments on any of the posts to let me know what you think, or to create a stir among other readers. I hope to have commenting available for the standings page shortly to allow trash talk.

Enjoy the added content.

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One Response
  1. CJ Pruitt says:

    Love the new look and all the content.