Derby Update: Month 1 In Review

The following is a public service announcement after you get done rolling down a hill for a wheel of cheese.

After a month of ball, everyone still has a legitimate shot at the Hall of Fame (yes, even you Bombers). And after a fast start, a lot of the leaders after the first 2 weeks have cooled off. Holliday stopped protecting Albert in the line-up leading to an incline in both of their AB per HR. Nelson Cruz hit the DL but is still the leader in the ‘C’ class. The Prince of Power (or Veggies) has finally started making contact with the ball. And Andre Ethier has turned into a fence buster the past week leading a charge of teams up the home run derby leader board.

So let’s recap month one (plus 4 extra days) of the HR derby league:

The league leader is In Kirk Ferentz We Trust with 27HR… that just hurts to say/type/read being a Badger fan. He just has an all around steady team with all his players being about the middle of the pack for all the categories. And now that Ethier decided to hit 4 hr in 3 games, he’s building a cushion.

Second place is The Ball Busters with 24HR… she is one of the few women in the league and she picked the hot starters. Even with the Prince only knocking in 3 HR in the first month and having the Cruz missile on the DL, she is still in second thanks to (once again) Andre Ethier.

Third place is Team Davis (original name) who is leading the tie breaker with 3 other teams at 23HR. Among them is the noteworthy Kemp for MVP who was the only team to write in Kemp for Group D and Kemp was tearing it up. Team Davis has the “off to a fast start but now has a hole in his bat” Matt Holliday as well as DL man crush Nelson Cruz, but somehow he is managing to stay out in front of the pack of wolves behind him… Thanks King Albert.

But there is also a pack of nine all tied at 21HR just trailing 2nd and 3rd.

One other team to note is the Denver Donkeys, who is the only team riding the Mark Reynolds train (he is the HR leader in group A). That train has left the station and the Denver Donkeys may have the only ticket to the top prize.

The rest of the standings are at this link.

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