Griffey Jr Decides To Join The Permanent DL

Ken Griffey Jr one of the greatest baseball players of the past two decades (if not the era) has decided to pull the chord on his MLB career. Many of you may not care, but I can remember playing Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball for Sega (not saturn) as the Seattle Mariners. I mean their lineup was stacked: Griffey Jr, Tino and Edgar Martinez, Jay Buhner, and A-rod. Griffey always came through in the clutch for me.

Anyways, Griffey has announced his retirement at the young age of 40. He was having a horrific season; batting 0.184 with 7RBI and 0HR in 98AB. And being convicted of sleeping while on the job. But let’s take a look at what he has accomplished:

  • 10 Gold Gloves: Only one other 500+HR player has more and that’s Willie Mays
  • 1997 AL MVP
  • 13 All-Star Games: Winning 3 HR Derbys and the 1992 All-star MVP
  • 7 Silver Slugger Awards
  • 630 career HR

Let’s talk about that last stat. That makes Griffey 5th all-time (only behind Bonds, Hank, Babe, and Mays). BUT Griffey has been plagued by numerous injury bugs.

Let’s play a bit of a hypothetical game:

  • If Griffey had as many AB as Hank Aaron (Griffey had 2500 less), Griffey would have hit about 795 HR, more than Bonds’ record
  • If Griffey had as many AB as Barry Bonds and Griffey’s HR pace this year kept up, Griffey would have hit about 630 HR. Griffey only had 46 less AB than Bonds. But he also has not been convicted with the asterisk

Let’s face it, Griffey Jr was great… but if he had been healthy, he would have been the greatest. So let’s say “So Long” to the greatest HR stroke. Now we have to watch Kevin Youkilis’ beautiful swing.

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