A Limp-off, A Balk-off, And More On Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is a time to remember, reflect, and thank all of the people who have served and sacrificed for our freedom. So before we go any further, Thank You.

Now let’s remember and reflect on a very busy weekend in baseball. Here are the bullet points to some of the more interesting stories from the extended weekend. Some have major fantasy relevance for those of you that care about that topic.

Kendry Morales‘ Walk-off or Limp-off Grand Slam: Saturday night (May 29) had a baseball moment most young boys dream about and majority have even simulated at their local sandlot. Kendry Morales came to the plate with the bases loaded, 1 out, in the bottom of the 10th of a tie ball game. And on the first pitch, Morales drove one to deep center field and got to do the walk-off home run trot. Walk-off home runs come with all types of celebrations: the classic trot, the “drop it like its hot” bat flip, the stare down, the Brewers jersey un-tucking, or even Prince Fielder‘s “home plate grenade“. Morales simply took his jogged his 4 bases and like most, jumped on home plate in the middle of his waiting teammates’ mosh-pit. However, Morales should have probably taken ballet classes because his spikes gave way on the plate resulting in a broken leg. This is crippling to not only the Angels but to one of the Home Run Derby leaders, Swing and a Mrs. The next night the Angels had another walk-off home run; and let’s just say, they celebrated with a little less enthusiasm.
Check out the video of Morales below. Click here if the video clip won’t play.

Albert Pujols not so rare 3 Home Run night: This feat doesn’t seem unusual for a unanimous first overall pick in fantasy baseball and three time MVP (this one even makes it his 4th in his career). But when this event is coming only three games removed from an 11 game RBI drought (that’s not 11 games without a HR, that’s without a single RBI!!!), this batting accomplishment shouldn’t go unnoticed. Especially with the entire disturbance it caused in the Home Run Derby Standings.

A-rod’s Line Drive Off Huff’s Head: A scary moment on Saturday, A-rod smashed a line drive back at the Cleveland pitcher David Huff. Huff had approximately 0.01 seconds to react, but couldn’t and took the line drive off the left side of his head. A similar incident occurred in the 2008 season when Pujols lined a pitch off Chris Young’s face. Remarkably, Huff came away with minor injuries and shouldn’t miss much time.
Check out the video below. Click here if the video clip won’t play.

Roy Halladay Pitches A Perfect Game: The 20th perfect game ever in professional baseball. This isn’t just a no hitter; this accomplishment is much rarer. The pitcher faces the minimum amount of batters (27) and allows none of them to reach first base. Halladay is a machine and his doesn’t come much of a surprise. What is surprising is that his is only 3 weeks removed from Dallas Braden’s perfect game. I’m curious what Halladay will receive as a gift. It will be hard to match the pure awesomeness of what the 19th perfect game received. Braden received an original samurai sword. If you want a piece of history, don’t worry; the Florida Marlins have you covered.

Miguel Cabrera Hits Career 800th RBI: Cabrera hit a 3-run home run in the bottom of the 8th on Sunday to reach the 800 RBI milestone. And only at the age of 27 and 7 full years of baseball, he is on pace for over 1000 RBI before he’s 29. That should put him in the top 3 or 4 youngest players ever to reach this mark, along with names like Lou Gehrig, Griffey Jr, A-rod, Jimmie Foxx, and Mel Ott. Miguel’s feat is impressive but if you think about it, he would need to keep his current RBI per season rate up for another 13 yrs to catch Hank Aaron’s RBI record. That would put Cabrera at around 40yrs old.

Carlos Zambrano Promoted from bullpen: This bullet point is more for humor than anything. The most expensive reliever is now a starter again. If you want him in fantasy leagues, go get him. I just don’t trust him because he’s a Cub.

Buster Posey Gets the Call: One of the top hitting prospects has been called up to the Giants organization. It looks like he is going to be playing 1B even though his natural position is catcher (so Bengie Molina owners can let out a sigh of relief). This kid is no fluke. In his first two games, he went 6 for 9 with 4 RBI. He looked like a fool against Ubaldo on Monday, but Ubaldo does that to everyone. Posey could make a fantasy impact so if you need a catcher, go and sign him, and he will soon be 1B eligible.

Ubaldo Jimenez vs Tim Lincecum, the Ultimate Pitchers Duel: Lincecum is the reigning NL Cy Young winner and Ubaldo is making a strong case for this year’s NL Cy Young. Sad news for Giants and/or Freak fans, but Lincecum takes the loss on Monday night and has now given up 14 runs in his past 3 games or also known as, not Cy Young material. However, Ubaldo is the 3rd ever starting pitcher (besides 1966 Juan Marichal and 1919 Eddie Cicotte) to win 10 of his first 11 games and have under a 1.00 era (Ubaldo has a 0.78, 0.80 for Marichal, and 0.95 for Cicotte). Ubaldo is also the 6th pitcher in the last 20 yrs to win 10 games before June 1. Roger Clemens, John Smoltz, and Pedro Martinez were three of the other five and went on to win the Cy Young in their respective years.

Dodger’s Win Monday on a Balk-Off: The Dodgers rallied from down 4-0 vs the Diamondbacks Monday night and tied it at 4 in the bottom of the 8th and held Arizona scoreless going into the bottom of the 9th. With Casey Blake on 3rd and Blake Dewitt batting, rookie reliever Esmerling Vasquez took his sign. While he read his sign, Blake faked running home which caused Vazquez to twitch his left leg. This little movement drew a balk call and awarded Blake home plate for the game winning run and completing one of the games rarest walk-off scenarios.

Corey Hart hits 10 HR in 16 Games: Remember Corey Hart?? He had two 20 HR and 20 SB campaigns in 2007 and 2008, but had a rough 2009 and started this year so poorly he worked his way into the bottom end of a platoon with the Brewers’ Jim Edmonds fossil. But due to several injures in the Brewers OF, Hart got a second chance to prove he isn’t a fluke. He has proceeded to hit 10 hr in 16 games and with Edmonds fresh off the DL; it will be interesting to see how Hart gets used. Even still if he is available in your league, go out and get him. He is a streaky player but he is on a white-hot streak, so play him before he cools off.

Stephen Strasburg to Debut June 8th: It’s official. Strasburg will make his Nationals debut against the Pirates on June 8th. His next game is against the Indians, so he is starting off easy. This guy is legit and has the potential to be a great pitcher. If he is somehow available in your fantasy league, get him this instant. Seriously, stop reading right now, go to your team, and add him. That and there is nothing else to read after this comment. If you want to see him pitch in his debut, get ready to cough out $2,000 for some seats on stubhub.

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