Soup’s On… Again

The soup is hot. Come get it well it’s hot. Suppan was only out of a job for 5 days before someone picked him up (which means I get to make more Suppan posts).

And guess where he is staying… the NL Central. That’s right Brewer, Cubs, Astros, Reds, and Pirate fans; great news for you guys and bad news for the Cardinal fans. The Cardinals are close to sealing the deal and they would only owe Suppan a prorated portion of the MLB league minimum, while the Brewers still have to cough out the remaining portion of his $42 million. Is it just me or is getting fired in the MLB like getting suspended from school (stay home from school, sounds great!!)? You get to sign for a contender and get paid two salaries instead of one.

I’m starting to wonder if Suppan was just working for the Cardinals as an inside man. Blow every fifth game for the Brewers, unless you are playing the team in front off or directly behind the Cardinals in the standings. Maybe Braden Looper was working on the inside as well…

What does everyone think? Agree with the move or not? Remember the Cardinals do have 3 rookies currently in their rotation.

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