The Doc Gets A Fishing Pole For His Perfect Game

So what gift does one get for accomplishing one of the most rare baseball feats as a pitcher…

But you are the 20th MLB pitcher, Mr. Roy “Doc” Halladay to not allow a single opponent in a single game to stand on first base, so what should you get (besides the $15.75 million you are promised for this season).

None of that does it for you? I give up. Here just have a fishing pole… What that’s all you wanted.

Oh, you also want a lesson from the 2009 Bass Master Classic champ AND you want him to take you bass fishing and show you his favorite fishing spots. Now don’t get me wrong, this is a great trip for say… someone like me who is a fishing enthusiast, but Roy Halladay… He just pitched a perfect game, one of the hardest accomplishments for a pitcher. And all he gets is a fishing trip? Now Skeet Reese is no slouch (he’s the Hanley Ramirez of the Bass Tour, only behind Kevin VanDam), but the other guys get a chopper, samurai sword, and a corvette. The Doc must really enjoy the taste of sushi which is also made evident by his perfecto against the Marlins.

Ok, so Halladay got a little bit more than just a fishing pole, but Galarraga got a corvette. I almost want to pitch an 8 2/3 perfect game instead of a complete one. What do you guys think?

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  1. Ryan says:

    I’ll take the golf cart and the whiskey…nothing better than the links with some drinks =)