Whiskey Prescribed To Tulo

That’s right Derby fans, the great Troy Tulowitzki is headed to the DL, a crushing blow to not only the Rockies but Fantasy Teams (mine included) and Derby Teams as well.

What happened, you ask… he took an AJ Burnett pitch to the wrist on June 17 which shattered it. This will put him out well past the All-Star break at a projected time line of 4-6 weeks. But I have bad news for all of Tulo’s fans. Remember when he was on the DL in 2008??? He had a torn thigh tendon and only 14 games after that sidelined him 46 games, Tulo was frustrated at his latest plate appearance and slammed his maple bat to the ground. Well the maple bat shattered and sliced his palm open requiring 16 stitches.

Why do I bring this up??? Well, statistically, every time Tulo has come of his first DL stint of the season, he has done something stupid which cost him another DL trip. So Tulo fans or Tulo investors, get ready for a minimum of 6-8 week DL stint out of the next 8-10 weeks.

All you Derby fans invested in Tulo. The count down has started for the trade deadline in the derby. You will be able to choose a new player from Group C effective on July 8.

*EDIT* Just watched Justin Upton take a fastball to the elbow. Possibly (probably) another big name to add to the DL list.

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