Name The MLB Home Run Leader on July 27

Quick name the MLB league leader for home runs on July 27th. If you answered Pujols, Fielder, Reynolds, A-rod, Dunn, Howard, or Hamilton… you are wrong.

Jose Bautista: League HR LeaderThe leader is Jose Bautista… still. This guy just isn’t cooling off. He not only leads the majors but the next closest guy is 5 HR back. And he’s the first player to 30 HR this season. Who does he think he is? A McGwire, Bonds, Sosa Transformer?

Just as remarkable, the Toronto Blue Jays are still the league leading team in total home runs… by 22. If this guy leads the MLB in home runs at the end of the season, I quit trying to project player stats. Jose Bautista was chosen by 0 Home Run Derby teams for good reason. In his six prior MLB seasons, he has hit a total of 59 HRs (he’s on pace for 48 HR alone this season). It’s not like he didn’t get 300+ AB in those previous six seasons. He has had over 300 AB in the past 4 of those 6 seasons.

I’m just really glad he keeps hitting those home runs. The more he hits, the more fantasy baseball fools are going to draft him in the first 3 rounds next season to watch him fall back to his usual form.

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