Fans Unimpressed By Home Run Robbery

Thanks to DeadSpin for bringing this gem from across the Pacific (or from really far across the Atlantic).

Take a look at this grab by Masato Akamatsu from the Hiroshima Carp’s.

Outfielder’s dream of making a play like this. A play that immortalizes them. (Some immortalized for attempting the impossible catch)

Even more impressive than this catch… the fans’ reactions. Its almost as if no one saw the catch. “Oh what was that, there’s two outs? Well this sushi Carp roll is delish”. I mean, come on… had that happened to any major leaguer, the game would have been stopped. A standing ovation demanded. Pictures taken with the “Say Hey” kid who just flew in for the photograph. The shoes, glove, uniform, jock strap taken to the MLB hall of fame… There might be some exaggeration there, but you get the point. Any baseball fan would be out of there seat staring at the giant LED HD scoreboard waiting to see it again and again.

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