HomeRun Derby Lead Traded Before Trade Deadline

With big names being traded all over the place in the Bigs (Berkman to Yanks, Cliff Lee to Tex, Oswalt to Phils, Capps to Twinkies, Lilly to Dodgers, etc), it is only appropriate that the lead in the Home Run Derby be traded. That’s right, The Master Batters are no longer the current Home Run kings.

The new leader: Swing and a Mrs. She deserves it for gambling on both Joey Votto and Kendry Morales (the only team to pick him, even though he’s out for the year). With having Morales out for the 20 day trade period, she easily wields the second lowest ABs per HR ratio (only behind The Ball Busters who is in 5th) which should win her any tie-breaker.

Not to rain on The Master Batters parade, he is still putting up a great season. Only trailing by 1 hr, he should easily hold up as a top 3 finisher if Josh Hamilton figures out how to swing for the fence after the All-star break.

In third place, $5 Donation is starting to look like less of a donation and more of an investment. As the only team with Nick Swisher, he will need that Bronx Bomber to continue his hot streak (maybe with Berkman in the lineup he will get even more protection).

The Home Run leading teams of July includes the Season leader, Swing and a Mrs and 3rd place $5 Donation at 26 July HRs. But that is not the most. That award belongs to Ballz Deep and the other female in the top 5 Ruby in the Rough with 27. Ballz Deep should be among the leaders of this contest, but with awful luck on picking Grady Sizemore and sticking with him until the middle of June, he got stuck with a goose egg from his group D player until he switched to Ethier. His other 3 players are their respective group HR leader (Fielder and Votto) or only 1 off the leader’s pace (Dunn at 24 vs Cabrera’s 25). Ruby in the Rough made a strong pick with Pena and he’s holding up. She traded Tulo back in mid July for vroom vroom Votto and he is already helping her (and several others) team.

Remember to check back often as posts should become more frequent then they have been in July.

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