You Know What Really Grinds My Gears…


Not the entire sport per-say, but the fact I have to listen to football talk 90% of the time when the official season hasn’t begun and baseball isn’t over.

I thought I was in hell annoyed with all the coverage a Mr. James Bond, LeBron James, got during the middle of the baseball season, but I was wrong. Football season is starting up and with that comes the death of baseball. June and July are the best months of the year, why?… because sports coverage (tv and internet related) are nearly 90% baseball news. Now, thanks to football pre-season, I have to listen to how Siskel and Ebert, Shrek and Donkey, Beavis and Butthead, TO and OchoCinco are going to bring the Bird Cage act to Cincinatti. How Big Ben learned his lesson the 28th time but not the previous 27. How Favre is retired, then not retired, nope still retired, actually just unretired, but is retiring in the next 28.5 seconds.

It bugs me that baseball is just forgotten about during the games most important months. The playoff chase, the playoffs, and the championship. No team can be counted out yet (not even the Orioles who can’t be beat with their new manager). That’s where Rock-tober came from. But I’m stuck listening to football news instead of baseball.

Gone are the days that baseball was known as America’s Past Time. The strike of 1994 collapsed the sport’s fan base for the rest of the 90th century and the new millennium. I was one included in this collapse. I enjoyed Brewer games with my father and grandparents growing up. I can remember up to the 1993 season, and after that, my major league baseball fandom collapsed and went into hibernation until the 2002 season when Jose Hernandez was competing for the strike out record as a Brewer. I vividly remember one game where I called Richie Sexson’s HR and then I harassed Jose Hernandez in the on-deck circle encouraging him to strike out (which he did).

As I mentioned, football has kicked into high gear and as over taken the sports world. Football is now America’s favorite sport to follow and watch. But why? Is it because there is more action with hard hitting tackles or deep post patterns resulting in extravagant touchdown celebrations? Is it because it allows adults to return to their college years and tailgate with brats, beer bongs, and bikini babes?

What I feel the reason football has won over American’s hearts is the time commitment to a team. Rather than having to keep up with 6 games a week (where winning, losing, demotions, promotions, injuries happen every day), people need to keep up with their favorite football team 1-3 days a week and a post season that doesn’t involve a lot of trading or new acquisitions. In baseball, every team has a vast minor league system where players are moving around hourly it seems. Some players are drafted out of high school and most likely will never see the bigs. But it allows a fan to track raw talent through a team’s farm system. In football, players are drafted out of college, and either make the team or get cut in the team’s practice camp. Some of the football rookies simply demand respect right out of college without even setting a cleat on the field. They come in demanding the highest pay check without having to prove they are worth it. In baseball, they have to prove they are worth the money.

In my opinion, I just think its easier to be a football fan and that’s why American’s have gone this route. They have less time during the work week to focus on a sport that plays a minimum of 162 games a year.

Chris Ryan, a writer for, just published a fantasy article worth a read. He gives several reasons why he feels fantasy baseball is better than fantasy football (I agree). His last two points I think are reasons why American’s have chosen Football over Baseball. His 2nd point is similar to my statement above where people don’t have time to follow 162 games over a season. His 3rd point is hilarious and I think is another reason people prefer Fantasy Football over Fantasy Baseball and makes those people football fans over baseball fans. He states:

  • No offense to your grandma; I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but all it really takes to get your name engraved on a championship trophy is a cursory knowledge of the NFL, Internet access, and 30 minutes of free time a week. Diehards don’t like to admit it, but fantasy football is becoming increasingly luck based. You can research all the advanced metrics you want, analyze the schedule till your eyes start to bleed, and watch the NFL Network on a continuous 24/7 loop, but it’s not going to change the fact that most times a title is decided on something arbitrary like “it was windy in Cleveland in Week 16.”

    Winning a baseball title takes real managerial prowess. You have to construct a squad of 20 or more players – out of a player pool of 600-plus – and, factoring in 10 different stat categories, somehow find a way to get them working as a cohesive unit. You can’t fake your way through it. Either you do the research and stay on top of your team every single day, or you finish in last. It can be time consuming and exhaustive, but that just makes the payout of a championship all the sweeter.

Awesome!!! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Football (College Football even more). But it just really grinds my gears that I have to hear about football 90% of the time right now when it’s only pre-season and the baseball playoff run is just beginning.

What are your thoughts? I can take the criticism if you disagree but let me know why.

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  1. The Commish says:

    A fist pump to Ross for finding that Chris Ryan article and sharing it with me.