2011 HomeRun Derby Deadline Set

It’s getting to be that time of year again… baseball season.

Yes it just ended a little more than a month ago, but the offseason is where all the exciting transactions take place. Adrian Gonzalez/Carl Crawford to the Red Sox, Mark Reynolds to the Orioles, Lance Berkman to the Cardinals, and that’s just the beginning of the offseason dealings (Cliff Lee still needs to land somewhere).

The offseason isn’t only for the managers of MLB teams to do their scouting and homework, its time for the Home Run Derby managers to research and draft their new teams for the 2011 season. Don’t worry, the registration deadline isn’t tomorrow (unless you are reading this on March 20th, 2011). If you noticed, there is a countdown clock on the far right side of the page which allows you to track the remaining time you have left to choose between Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard. The deadline for the 2011 season is at 12 am on March 21st.

Start researching and prospecting. The 2011 player categories will be posted prior to January 1st and this year the rules will be modified slightly. They haven’t been finalized but you will get to choose at minimum 5 players and will get the opportunity to trade one injured or benched player that has been inactive for 20 or more consecutive games (they don’t need to be on the DL).

Start buying those magazines or insider subscriptions and get ready for another exciting season of Home Run Derby.

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2 Responses
  1. The Commish says:

    Your first mistake was taking Prince Fielder to do anything but eat veggie hot dogs. Your second mistake was to put your trust on a Brewer. Your third mistake was paying me when you knew you would be paying Alan. Just cut out the middle man this year and pay Alan directly without wasting your time picking players.

  2. Dirty Needles says:

    So…are you going to include the number of Veggie Dogs Prince Fielder eats between innings as HR’s this year…because I’m sure I would have won if you did.