Kings Of Cork Swimsuit Issue Featuring The Cubs

Hopefully something better than the Cowboys and Indians of the future.

It’s official… Baseball Season has begun. Pitchers reported to camp today and someone has to catch their feeble fastballs, so catchers reported as well. But the countdown to pitchers reporting to camp is not the biggest countdown in the baseball world. Nope, the most important countdown ends on Wednesday. No we aren’t already at December 21, 2012. But the (baseball) world may end this off-season when the biggest offensive name in recent history becomes a free agent. And Wednesday is the last day Mr. Albert Pujols will talk contract negotiations with the Cardinals. It already sounds as if they won’t reach an agreement, so let’s start talking “Where will Pujols land?”

The benefactor to the Cardinals’ problem obviously has to have money. And lot’s of it. So you can throw out the two biggest names right away… Yankees and Red Sox. But both already have top tier first-baseman, so who’s going to DH? Teixeira or Agon?

However, there is one other team that I believe has a decent shot at landing Pujols… the Cardinals Archnemesis, the Chicago Cubs. They will be able to wash their hands of the Fukudome contract, as well as Silva, Garza, and Pena deals (they may opt to keep Garza). And let’s face it, the Cubs are known for giving out ridiculous money (see Alfonso Soriano). I honestly believe this is why Pena is only a 1 year deal, the Cubs are going to try and steal an NL Central 1B. Whether its Pujols or Fielder, I think one of them dons the enemy colors in 2012.

Kings of Cork tried its best body painting impersonation from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
So, who looks worse in the Cubs logo (personally, I hate both)?

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2 Responses
  1. CJ Pruitt says:

    This is like the decision all over again

  2. Dirty Needles says:

    Either would look good for afew years with the Cubs logo and then start to the down hill slide. After signing a Cubs Contract:

    Pujols would reveal fellow Dominican and former All-Star David “Big Pappi” Ortiz is his illegitimate son and needs $300million to pay back child support…so this puts his age at somewhere between 63 and 92 depending upon which birth certificates are used by Pujols and Oritz.

    Prince would claim he only wanted an increase in his celery to help with his vegetarian habits, and will take the increase in salary as a show of good will towards Chicago.