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Time To Swing For The Fences – 2011 Is Underway

It’s official… the 2011 MLB regular season is 1 day away. Even though there are still spring training games today March 30, most teams should be wise enough to sit a lot of there strong talent for the last day of games (I hope they do at least for my fantasy teams’ and HR derby team’s sakes).

So what’s the deal with the opening pitches being thrown on a Thursday this season? William Browning over at Yahoo wrote a small article on what he believes the reasons for the move are. But I’m still irate since the Brewers play at 1pm CT and I’m out of vacation days. So I will be getting my opening day fix via the AT&T 3G network and not at the local Old Chicago.

MLB Opening day is (in my opinion) one of the greatest days of the year. It means that millions of baseball fans finally get to satisfy their baseball addiction that has been leaving them with life threatening withdrawals since late October (or longer for fans of sub 0.500 teams). It means that 20-percent of those millions of fans get to say their team is in first place and this is their team’s year (the other 80-percent are Yankee, Boston, and Philly fans). The best part of MLB opening day… millions of fans get to waste 6 months on a fantasy life of being a baseball GM by playing fantasy baseball AND managing a Kings of Cork Home Run Derby team.

You read that right… the 2011 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby has officially begun (feel free to review the Rules). And this year, you guys out did yourselves. We increased the number of teams by 33-percent going from 38 to 59 teams (including four of the five winners from last season including the reigning champion). Of those 59 teams, not a single one was a duplicate entry. You can check out all the rosters and standings here. As always, I also post the best possible HR derby team and the potential trade candidates at the bottom of the standings link located above (soon to be added at the beginning of the season).

As for the Home Run Derby selections… The most common player selection belongs to Group A. Obviously, Mr. Pujols was the majority’s pick with just under half (25) of the teams selecting the soon-to-be highest paid player in MLB history. Sir A-Gon of Boston (10) and Adam Dunn (8) in the HR friendly south sider park were the next most common Group A selections. Only five teams have faith in Ryan Howard having a bounce back year and returning to 2006 form.

To see the rest of the 2011 Derby picks and the rest of the story: Follow the Jump by clicking here…

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It Could Be, It Might Be… It Is, A Home Run!

(If this clip doesn’t look familiar, I expect you to go to and watch one of the greatest moments in baseball history)

With the first pitch of the season looming in the near future, its time for us to start thinking about home runs. After all, that is what this website was created for in the first place.

Opening day is on a Thursday for the first time since the 1970’s (no, I cannot remember that one) and we are blessed with five games versus the typical one game for opening day. Most of us are Brewers, Cardinals, and Cubs fans and two-thirds of us get to enjoy a game on Thursday (sorry Cubs fans).

The Braves at the Nationals and Tigers at the Yankees are the two early games on opening day and, most likely, a home run will be hit (Yankee stadium is a launching pad) in one of these games.
So what I really want to know is who do YOU think will hit the first home run of 2011:
[poll id=”4″]

Don’t agree with any of the choices? Tell me who you think will mash the first home run in the comments section below.

Well everyone was wrong (maybe the ‘other’ was right but they didn’t say who they thought it would be)… Jason Heyward for the second time in his TWO year career, hit a Homer in his first At Bat of the season. His was the first of 2011 by hitting it in the second inning off of Livan Hernandez.

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Great News… 2011 Home Run Derby Deadline Extended

So the deadline for the 2011 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby has came and went. So now you can start staring at those excel documents that are work related and not researching if Jose Bautista will hit anther 54 home runs this season.


The 2011 Home Run Derby has been extended until March 28th at Midnight. That’s right. Tell your buddies, tell your homies, and tell your muthas because we be gettin ready to rage all up in this hizzy.

Seriously though, we are currently at the same number of teams from last season and we have a bunch of new players (and weeded out the sissies).

I can hear some of you asking “What does this mean if I have no friends to invite?”. Well, it means you can adjust your current roster for another week. So just send an email via the contact page telling The Commish who you want to switch in your current lineup.

Until the first pitch… I’m out!

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Rockie Fans Rejoice… and Brewer Fans

Welcome back baseball.

It was a long, cold winter without you but you have already given the NL West (minus the reigning champions) and Brewer fans something to smile about:

Matt Cain pitches 3 remarkable innings only to have the Brewers rally 6 runs off of their own ex-$42 million, 4 year mistake… Jeff Suppan.

I hope “Soup” makes the Giants big-league roster (preferably as a starter, but most likely as a middle reliever) only for one reason: So I can wear a “Soup Nazi” outfit yelling “No Soup For You” when he enters a game versus the Brewers.

As I said, National League teams Rejoice for the reigning champs are throwing the 2011 season by employing Suppan.

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What’s The Logic Behind Rooting For Your Favorite Baseball Team?

Something to read while waiting for the spring to actually arrive during Spring Training.

Just a quick post about an item sent to me on what I thought was good enough to share with the rest of the team.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Baseball Flow Chart

I take no credit for this. All of it goes to the guys… and The Master Batters for emailing it to me.