Great News… 2011 Home Run Derby Deadline Extended

So the deadline for the 2011 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby has came and went. So now you can start staring at those excel documents that are work related and not researching if Jose Bautista will hit anther 54 home runs this season.


The 2011 Home Run Derby has been extended until March 28th at Midnight. That’s right. Tell your buddies, tell your homies, and tell your muthas because we be gettin ready to rage all up in this hizzy.

Seriously though, we are currently at the same number of teams from last season and we have a bunch of new players (and weeded out the sissies).

I can hear some of you asking “What does this mean if I have no friends to invite?”. Well, it means you can adjust your current roster for another week. So just send an email via the contact page telling The Commish who you want to switch in your current lineup.

Until the first pitch… I’m out!

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