Selig Chicks Do Dig The Long Ball

It’s only 7 days into the season and there is already a controversy and this time it doesn’t involve an umpire. It takes a true baseball fan to enjoy a pitchers’ duel of 1-0 where the only run came on a solo home run by the pitcher suicide squeeze. What most fans want to see… The Long Ball.

What is the new conspiracy? Due to a down economy, the MLB has changed the hardness of baseballs to aid in easier to hit home runs (according to a bullpen catcher). You can find an entire story here on yahoo or here on NBC, both stating the same ‘facts’ myths. MLB did officially report that the consistency of baseballs has not changed. And I think some of our Home Run Derby owners can agree that the baseballs aren’t flying out at an unusual rate (Congrats to Pick Me Out A Winner Bobby who was the last team to record a homer, and no FRANtastic Five you may not choose an entirely new team).

To my amazement, the first fingers to point are not pointed at ‘The Clear’ aka Roids. Can we actually say that we have moved on past the steroids era? Rickie Weeks seems to have put on some extra muscle and Howie Kendrick already has a third of his typical season home run total. I’m not pointing fingers, but its only a matter of time before someone important does.

Or what about the bats? This isn’t the first time… or the second time… or the third time equipment has been modified to aid the player wielding it. Maybe the bat makers union has decided they are fed up with the Phillies Fab Four and took matters into their own hands. Or batters are sick of hearing that 2011 is the year of the pitcher.

Or maybe the MLB is just one big script and every season is predetermined from start to finish. We have already covered Strasburg’s Major League debut was scripted. I will seriously question this season if the BoSox come back from 0-6 to win the 2011 World Series in a sweep. I may stop watching baseball… may.

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