Hill, Encarnacion Show Signs Of Life

With the Pujols drought behind us (but a second one just beginning), the other major drought effecting the Northeast has finally ended and 4 Derby teams plus Joey Bats can rejoice (for a night).

Aaron Hill has hit 62 homers over the past two seasons but up until today’s game, he hasn’t showed any signs of his home run power. Granted he was on the DL for 19 days earlier this season, but it still took him 141 at-bats before he launched his first 2011 big fly. His first was one of the best types though. With the bases juiced in the 1st inning, Hill unloaded on a Danks’ 1-1 pitch. I know the 3 Derby teams stuck with Hill can breathe a sigh of relief after Hill failed to reach the 20-day gameless mark to be trade eligible. Maybe this shot will put Hill over the hill and open the flood gates to the projected mid-20 home runs he was supposed to have this season.

Five pitches after Hill’s drought ended, Encarnacion took a Danks’ 2-2 pitch deep to left (Danks hasn’t won a game this season). His first of the season as well. Encarnacion wasn’t even included in the Home Run Derby choices but our first month basement dweller (Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby) wrote in Edwin’s name based on the fact that he hit 21 homers in 332 at-bats in the 2010 season. It took him 140 at-bats this season to just get off the schnide. I darn near wrote-in Encarnacion’s name as well, but chose otherwise.

Maybe with both Hill and Encarnacion out of the 0 column, Jose Bautista will stop trying to provide all the offense with every swing of his bat… doubtful. Bautista has the major league lead with 20 home runs this season and in his last 162-games (spanning this season and last) he has hit 62 homers. Which would have broke Roger Maris’ single-season home run record (if it were still intact through the steroid era of McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds).

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