May Ends Much Like It Began: Derby Month In Review

I thought the saying went “April Showers Bring May Flowers”… But May definitely brought the rainouts; and Jay Bruce was the one making it rain. This is the Kings of Cork Home Run Derby month of May in review.

With two months in the books, the top of the leader board doesn’t look a whole lot different than a month ago, but there definitely has been some mix ups in the middle. There are three of the top five teams from April still in the top five. Of those three, the top two have only switched places. I believe Big Poppe Pill Poppers took the lead from The Geez on May 1st and hasn’t looked back (I did make the comment that that team was the team to beat). But I can’t give credit where credit isn’t due… the top-10 teams have one thing in common and should send thank you cards to one player. No, the top-10 did not choose 1 player in common, but what they did do was to not choose one player in common. Not a single team in the top-10 chose Albert Pujols. Yes, Albert went on a 100 At-bat power hiatus in the month of May and the 33 teams who did not take him are thanking him for keeping their teams in the running for the King of Cork title (Aubrey Huff hit more home runs on June 2 than Pujols hit the entire month of May).

It is still impressive to have the same top two teams in only the second month of the Derby. Usually, there is a lot of swapping atop the standings early on in the Derby. So here’s a healthy slap on the rear to Big Poppe Pill Poppers and The Geez. The third place team, Kettle Poppers, gets to thank Bruce Almighty for propelling his team up the standings (Bruce hit 12 long balls in May, the most by any player chosen in the derby). And the Devil Dogs is hanging on to Joey Bats’ 11 dingers in May, which was almost half of the Devil Dogs total May HR count. We call the rest of that team a Jansport (because Bautista is carrying the rest of the HR Derby team on his back).

The other big winners in May were, yours truly, Cream City’s Murderer’s Row and Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby. The Commish’s team was the only team to hit more homers than the Pill Poppers with 36 home runs (with the team’s Group E player out two-thirds the month of May). This has money laundering written all over it. Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby still hasn’t topped 50th place. BUT… that team deserves a round of applause for increasing the team’s home run total by nearly 700-percent by hitting 26 home runs in May (third most in the month). The standings are pretty tight still (only 15 homers separate 4th and 35th) so there is still hope for all the teams in the Derby.

The big losers in the month of May… Bombs Away and F! the Cubs (seriously, the Cubs suck). Both of these teams went from 25 homers in April (and the top third of the standings) to 8 homers in May. Talk about needing a slump buster. The other losers in May… one-third of the entire Derby. Yes, 19 teams have already used their one and only trade of the season with 4 total months left. And it doesn’t look like many other teams are in the clear as Jason Heyward is getting close to being trade eligible.

That pretty much wraps up May. It seems like the wet weather has finally moved out (seriously, 32 rainouts so far, that’s ridiculous) and warmer weather is moving in. The warm weather seems to have already improved batting statistics as we saw 46 dingers on May 30th (including Pujols 2nd of the month of May). Let the Mashing begin.

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