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Miss Cleo Picks Justin Upton To Win 2011 HR Derby

What’s great about the MLB MidSummer Classic? The fact that the league finds begs 8 players to swing for the fences in an impressive display of power. This season the league decided to wash it’s hands of the dirty job of begging players to pick up the bat the night before the main show. And someone forgot to tell Miss Cleo…

Usually, if the league were picking players, they would invite a player from the host city so that the home field fans had something extra to cheer for. Instead, the league opted to choose two team captains (the past two derby winners: Ortiz and Fielder) who would then choose 3 other players from their respective leagues.

Unlike previous years, it didn’t take the captains long to find buddies that would agree to swing for the fences (with only Teixeira reportedly saying No). However, Prince Fielder may have snubbed the Arizona Diamonbacks, both the team and the fans. I hope he at least attempted to ask Justin Upton to join the Derby contest. I know I would be a little upset if I were a D-backs fan.

Regardless, the captains did a phenomenal job selecting players who will be fun to watch. Some may accuse both sides of favoritism by selecting fellow teammates, but I think they chose guys who they have seen light up batting practice. So who do you think will take home this year’s trophy and who will hit the longest homer on Monday?

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