Cutting A Rug At Miller Park

A quick read while you try to figure out what the best comments are from the MLB TV fantasy 411 taping during the East coast earthquake.

The Milwaukee Brewers are giving their fans something to dance about these days. As of today, they are 26 of their last 31 games and have won 20 of their last 23 home games. Miller Park is their dance floor and nobody else’s.

Just ask this Cubs fan from the August 26th Brewer game. He tried to just touch the Brew Crew’s dance floor and instead of cutting a rug, he left his rug. That’s right. He LEFT a chunk of his freshly transplanted hair plugs. This gives a whole new meaning to scalping tickets at Miller Park.

You can see from the picture below that this is no small chunk of hair. And immediately after falling head first onto the field reaching for a baseball thrown by Brewer 3rd base coach Ed Sedar, the Cubs fan headed straight to the bathroom to wash of his hair (most likely with hand sanitizer). I was fortunate enough to catch this game live on WGN and even the Cubs announcers were getting a kick out of this entire ordeal.

So this is your warning Cubs fans, Miller Park is no longer considered “The Cubs’ Second Home”. You may flood into Wisconsin and buy all our precious and beautiful lake property, but you will not roll into Miller Park and buy all our precious home game tickets anymore. If you try to steal the Brewers’ thunder, Miller Park will scalp you and show it off as a warning for the next opponent fan.

Miller Park Scalping TIckets

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