Physics-ly Impossible

While playoff baseball is in full swing and after the epic collapse of the Red Sox and the Braves, I couldn’t help to think on how it seemed impossible for those two teams to collapse and how I get to watch bonus baseball with the Brewers making the playoffs for only the 2nd time in my lifetime.

Then… I was sent this video via email.

My first thought is… WOW! Then reality sets in… there is no way someone could do this. Sure once, maybe twice, but no way could someone do this for 45+ seconds. Or do it with 2 balls simultaneously. I have been trying to find a definite way to prove it, but can’t. The balls don’t seem to always hit the same spot on the 1st pitchback. The balls do seem to take the same path around the other 3 though. And at the end of the video, I never see either of the balls come down (although they may be so far out there that they haven’t come down yet).

This video reminds me of a few others from recent years.

Is it real? Ya, probably not. In fact, I believe it was a clip created for a Gatorade commercial a few years ago.

Last is this one which is eerily similar to the previous one.

That one is actually… real. The Hiroshima Carp player actually made that play during a game in 2010 and then he followed it up with an even better one that same season. The pitcher and even himself couldn’t believe he made that second catch.

Hopefully we get the chance to see some equivalent displays of defense and offense as in these videos in the next few weeks of MLB playoff games. Enjoy the extra baseball everyone as we will soon be left with 4 dark months of no games (but most likely one of the most entertaining off-season transaction periods in the past 20 years).

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  1. CJ Pruitt says:

    You should send the first video to Mythbusters and see if they can recreate it.