Look, It’s Updating. It’s Alive!!!! – 2012 Kings of Cork Is Underway

Colin Clive said it best. “It’s alive!!” The Kings of Cork site is updating. You read that right, the front page has actually changed. If you stick around long enough, I’ll try to make up millions of excuses explain why the offseason has been so quiet on the site. BUT… if you get only one useful piece of item out of this post, it should be this:

The 2012 Kings of Cork Home Run Derby has officially begun. The rules haven’t changed a bit, but the player groups have. Don’t worry, the deadline to enter isn’t for another 1 month and 27 days (according to the countdown clock over to the right).

That’s the whole post… so if you are interested in participating in the 2012 Home Run Derby, just follow the link to the 2012 Registration Form. Have a friend, a loved one, or someone you love to shove your superior baseball knowledge into their face? Give them the link. Tell them how much fun it is to watch 50+ other teams beat the crap out of you finish below you.

If you actually stuck with the post past the link to the 2012 Registration Form, fist bump (not pump) to you. You get to find out what I’ve been doing for the past 3 months.

First, the website was shutdown for a brief period. You know, IT stuff. I know a guy who knows a guy who helps me keep this site’s maintenance cheap. Sometimes servers go down and footprints need to be covered up. That’s all you really need to know. Actually, I get help hosting this site from a family member. The server had a major issue once multiple sites were transferred to a new version of software, so all sites had to be shut down to find the source for the issues. Thankfully, it wasn’t us.

Second, I’ve been tracking every offseason transaction. You read that right… EVERY transaction. I’m still waiting to see where Jeff Suppan lands. But other than that, there really are not very many exciting transactions left now that Pujols, Darvish, and Fielder are off the board (Please Oswalt, sign with the Rangers…). I will be covering some of these transactions over the next 2 months and letting you know who won, who lost, and what it may mean for your fantasy team’s production. I’ll also be covering a few days at the Cactus League Spring Training this year, so stay tuned for those topics.

Third, the site has gone mobile. Go ahead, pull the site up on your phone. Turn off your full website setting, its a mobile site! Hopefully the new mobile site loads faster, is more streamlined, and keep you more informed of your current place in the Home Run Derby.

Four, the site could very well have a Home Run Derby Standings App for Android phone users by the end of the 2012 season. I’m hoping sooner than the All-Star break. It’s well on it’s way, so we will see. The App may just end up bricking Android phones into paperweights. Anybody want to be the guinea pigs?

Last, I leave you with this. As much as I despise the Cardinals right now after knocking out my Brewers in 2011, the Topps developers who came up with this Skip Schumacher baseball card are geniuses. I wish I had a baseball card with a squirrel on it (see “why is the commissioner a squirrel” on the About page). Head nod to Curt for showing me that one over at OffTheBench NBC Sports.

Hopefully we see you sooner rather than later around the site. Check back often, the new posts should start rolling shortly.

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