Brains And Braun

Who’s sick of the ranting yet? This guy…

But here we are again and it will be the Kings of Corks mission to help clear Ryan Braun’s name from the tarnish and mud that covers it after Buster Olney broke the story from two leaky sources.

Soon to be the Brewers top selling 2012 jersey

Sure Braun wasn’t proven innocent by arbitrators but Braun’s legal team also didn’t pursue that path knowing the most likely outcome of that defense would be ‘guilty’. No one will ever know what happened with test, but below are some articles which others have written with many more sources and time than this site owner has. Hopefully, the links below shed light on the fact that Braun didn’t get off on a ‘technicality’ but a great defense to prove that his test results were unusual.

As mentioned in previous posts, Ryan Braun’s name will never be cleared unless he continues to preform and volunteer for drug tests. If at all in the next five seasons his numbers decline even slightly, all of the Braun doubters will pound their judicial hammer yelling “Guilty!” If its any consolation to Braun, his name and reputation has been cleared by most Brewer fans.

Edit: The collector released a press statement and it agrees with everything previously stated on this site. No one is going to claim any responsibility in the case. Hopefully, the arbitrator comes forward with all of the information provided that determined his verdict.

Were any interesting Braun articles missed in this post? Let us know in the comments section and they will be added to the list.

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2 Responses
  1. The Commish says:

    If he wants to clear his name, he will. But you are probably right, he won’t. He will let his performance do the talking and hopefully he performs well, for his name’s and fans’ sakes.

  2. CJ Pruitt says:

    Will he volunteer for drug tests?