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Reyes went from sponsoring Ghetto Hikes in Queens to Navigator of Miami.

He was only one of the Marlins big acquisitions this offseason. It seems the Marlins are stocking up on plenty of wood to build an amazing fire for their next big fire sale. They have nearly doubled their payroll going from $57Mil to $94Mil. Three of their four big name acquisitions are the highest paid players on the team (Hanley is now number 4). And guess who the highest paid player on the team is… the most feared name in Gatorade cooler history, Carlos Zambrano. Granted, the Cubs owe 15 of that $18Mil contract. Let’s go inside the Acquisition’s Stadiums of Jose Reyes.

  • When will the next Florida Fire Sale be?

This isn’t a new strategy for the Marlins. Their front office seems to be in a cycle of Buy, Buy, Buy, Sell, Sell, Sell. In 1997, they bought Bobby Bonilla and Moises Alou off free-agency at lucrative deals (see Reyes and Buerhle’s deals) and went on to beat the Indians in the World Series. Soon after, house was cleaned which is rare for a team winning the big game. Alou, Bonilla, Kevin Brown, and Gary Sheffield were all sent packing. In 2003 they won their second World Series, and by 2005 they sent most of their big names packing again. So here we are in 2012, and they are in the buying spirit again by throwing out big numbers out to Pujols, CJ Wilson, Reyes, Heath Bell, and Buerhle. But they only managed to bag three of them. With the major buying period over, it appears the Marlins’ next fire sale will begin in 2014. Josh Johnson and Ricky Nolasco will be a free agents, HanRam will be in his last year at $16Mil, Heath Bell in his last year at $10Mil, Reyes at $16Mil, and Buehrle at $19Mil. Not to mention Stanton will be eligible for his first year of arbitration. Yup, 2014 will be a busy year for Miami’s accountants.

  • Will Reyes finally stay healthy and produce useful numbers?

Reyes will be his fastest yet since hes more aerodynamic and 20lbs lighter without dreads. But he has only played in more than 130 games once in the past 3 seasons. Has only topped 100 runs in one of those three seasons. And hasn’t eclipsed the 40SB mark since 2008 (from 2005 to 2008 he stole almost 260 bases). However, he swiped 39 bags in 126 games last season and cheated won the NL batting title with a 0.337 BA by benching himself in the final game (did Reyes cheat or did he know Braun was doping and didn’t want a cheater winning the batting title?). So the question is, did Miami just buy the most expensive torn hamstring? If Reyes’ hamstrings stay healthy this season, he could potentially steal 70+ bases again. Ozzie Guillen is the new skipper and in 2010 (when the White Sox weren’t made of raw power) he told his guys to run 235 times. That was the most among all teams in 2010. It’s still unknown if Reyes will bat first or second, but he will be given the green light to run wild on the base paths in order to get more scoring opportunities for Hanley and Stanton. I would gamble on Reyes this season after missing 36 games last season and still finishing 16th on the ESPN player rater. Remember, no one has stolen 100 bases in a single season since Vince Coleman in 1987 (he did it in all 3 seasons from ’85-’87). I would love to see a 100SB season and I think Reyes has the best chance.

  • What impact does this signing have on Goliath Mike Stanton?

Mike Stanton is the Jim Furyk of baseball. His swing is so ugly but that ball goes a mile when he connects with it. Let’s be honest, Reyes coming to the Marlins won’t make Stanton’s swing any more beautiful to watch. But what Reyes does bring is a 0.292 career batting average. This translates into more RBI opportunities for Stanton since Reyes will be in front of Stanton in the order. He had 87 RBIs last season… this year he will get his first 100 RBI season and likely more than 110. Stanton’s the real deal; he’s not in Group A for his speed. Stanton is on my target list to own in all my leagues this season while he is still somewhat cheap.

Cut Dread Locks Unlock Reyes 2012 Speed

  • What impact does Reyes have on Hanley?

Oh there you are Hanley” is what Marlins fans hope to be saying this season after last. HanRam’s ADP in ESPN drafts last season was about 2.6! Two, point, six! I watched Hanley Ramirez get traded for Dillon Gee in one of my leagues last season and there was a riot. In the end, Dillon Gee may have been a better player. So adding Reyes definitely can’t hurt Hanley’s ability to perform better than 2011. And if you voiced your hatred to Hanley on his twitter account, HanRam may be giving you credit this season with every crack of the bat. Most likely, the Reyes signing will move Hanley to the three hole in the lineup to make use of his power. Unfortunately, adding Reyes pretty much puts a kibosh on Hanley’s use of his speed. Before 2011, Hanley has a 124HR/196SB split line for his first 5 full MLB seasons. That’s an average of 20HR/40SB per season. Absolutely ridiculous. That type of speed and power combination doesn’t come along often let alone at the most scarce fantasy baseball position: Shortstop. I would speculate that Hanley will now be more of a 25HR/20SB type player. Which is still good but not GREAT. He’s also moving to thirdbase which will give him multiple position eligibility (that’s a common trend in the first 3 Acquisition’s Stadium articles). Even though his stolen base totals will drop, his RBI and potential power will increase. Hanley Ramirez may have upset some fantasy owners in 2011 and terrified would be owners in 2012, but one thing is for certain, I will gladly draft Hanley in the top 15 this season (his current ADP is 19.3).

  • What impact does Reyes have on Lo-Mo and Bonifacio?

The real question here is who’s going to be batting in one of the other top 2 spots in the Marlins lineup alongside Reyes this season. Bonifacio is projected to bat number 2 behind Reyes, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. I would think Logan Morrison would be a better fit at number 2 and putting Bonifacio at the bottom of the order. That might be the reason that I’m not a big league manager. In either case, Bonifacio has nothing to gain other than more RBI opportunities if he bats second. If he bats first, he’s the same player he was last year. If he bats at the back half in my scenario, he has a lot of run opportunities to lose. If LoMo stops playing with his dog Twitter and gets the opportunity to represent his father’s favorite player (the Marlins actually unretired a jersey number for LoMo) by batting in the two-hole, he has a lot more to gain. His runs scored would almost double from the 54 he had last season and his RBI could push 85 or 90. So the current answer to the question posed above is, Bonifacio has first crack at increasing his RBIs from the 36 he had last season. But Logan Morrison could (should) be the beneficiary of said RBIs. Pay attention to the Marlins spring training lineups to see who should be on your fantasy radar.

  • What does this mean for the Mets?

Let’s face it, the Mets season is going to be over after the first pitch, again. The Mets are a team on the brink of bankruptcy sale. Their opening day payroll will probably drop by more than $50Mil from 2011 to 2012. Still at a $90+Mil payroll in 2012, they don’t have the names to be able to contend or justify that amount of money in the payroll. And I wouldn’t be surprised if David Wright is on a new team by the middle of July. That’s not good news for Mets fans as they will be forced to watch a losing team. However, the good news for Mets fans is that the rumor is ticket prices could be reduced by as much as 30% to try to spark more revenue. So it will at least be more affordable to watch the Mets lose than it has been in previous seasons.

– Marlins are restocking their shelves for their next fire sale in 2014.
– Reyes has the best chance at a 100SB season. If he stays healthy, he will attempt at least 80SB this season. And with HanRam and Stanton behind him, he has a shot at 120 Runs.
– Stanton will get 100RBI for the first time and has a shot at topping 115.
– Hanley is worth the gamble in 2012. Expect 25HR/20SB and he will be worth a top 15 pick as a multi-position eligible player.
– Either Logan Morrison or Emilio Bonafacio will benefit and the other will suffer. Monitor spring training lineups for the Marlins to see if LoMo is batting near the top of the order. Otherwise, LoMo will not gain any fantasy value from last season.
– Mets Fans, you might as well read the article on being a fan of a sub 0.500 team. Just stick it out true Mets fans, your day will come again (once you stop paying retired player Bobby Bonilla 11-years of interest).

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